How to export import emails for a specific date

How to export/import emails for a specific date?

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How to export/import emails between two dates through CLI?


1)Run following command to export emails.

 $ zmmailbox -z -m gru "//?fmt=tgz&query=after:"7/20/2022"&before:"7/26/2022"" >> /tmp/alice.tgz    

It will create a .tgz file into /tmp directory.

2) Create folder, where you want to import emails:

$ zmmailbox -z -m cf /Exported_data

3) Copy the .tgz file into the mailbox server where you want to import. Make sure file permission and ownership should be:

-rw-r----- 1 zimbra zimbra  12K Jul 26 05:13 alice.tgz

4) Try to import emails. Run on new server or any other server where you want to import emails:

$ zmmailbox -z -m postRestURL "/Exported_data?fmt=tgz&resolve=replace"  /tmp/alice.tgz

Note: Zimbra doesn't support export-import of large mailbox in tgz because of broken .tgz file and other IO error.

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