How to enable debug logging for nginx

How to enable the debug logging for Nginx?

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Warning: Enabling DEBUG log level will log sensitive information including authentication tokens, do not turn on DEBUG log in production. If you have to enable debug log make sure to take proper steps to destroy logs afterwards.


Debug logging provides a more detailed and verbose level of logging, which can be immensely helpful in identifying and resolving complex issues. The debug logging makes it easier to get detailed error messages, analyze traffic and requests, and do third-party integration troubleshooting.


The following steps need to be performed from CLI to enable the debug logging for Nginx.

On server level

zmprov ms `zmhostname` zimbraReverseProxyLogLevel debug
zmproxyctl restart  

On global level

zmprov mcf zimbraReverseProxyLogLevel debug
zmproxyctl restart  

Based on the requirements the value of zimbraReverseProxyLogLevel can be changed as debug,info,notice,warn,error,crit,debug_http,debug_mail,debug_core,debug_zimbra

Below is the description of the attribute zimbraReverseProxyLogLevel

    Log level for NGINX Proxy error log

               type : enum
              value : debug,info,notice,warn,error,crit,debug_http,debug_mail,debug_core,debug_zimbra
           callback :
          immutable : false
        cardinality : single
         requiredIn :
         optionalIn : globalConfig,server
              flags : serverInherited
           defaults : info
                min :
                max :
                 id : 723
    requiresRestart : nginxproxy
              since : 5.0.10
    deprecatedSince :
Submitted by: Nagesh Bhagwat
Verified Against: ZCS 8.8 Date Created: 2020-04-13
Article ID: Date Modified: 2023-10-06

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