How to check the Zimbra Talk License

How to check the Zimbra Talk License

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Zimbra Talk specializes in providing services for real time communication and it includes several components. In minimal installation a Zimbra environment and a single additional server (the Talk server) are required. At the moment the only supported platform for Talk Server is Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit). The Zimbra Talk system enables its users to perform text chat, text conference, video chat & video-conference and online document collaboration between users using Zimbra Zimlet technology.

Zimbra Talk License

Zimbra Talk it's installed by default within a 30-day Trial License, with up to 30 users, and all the features enabled. You can find the license file in the next directory:


If you want to decode the content and read it, you can run the next command:

root@zimbratalk:~# openssl x509 -in /etc/clouddirectory/licenses/trial-license.lic -noout -text | grep "Subject:" | tr ',' '\n'
Subject: C=CH												
 O=VNC Zimbra Talk Trial											

Check if the License is still valid

To check if your currently installed license is still valid:

  • Access the Zimbra Talk server via ssh, the license file is located in /etc/clouddirectory/licenses/<licensefile>
  • To get information on the validity of the installed license, execute
openssl x509 -in /etc/clouddirectory/licenses/<licensefile> -noout -text | grep "Not" | tr ',' '\n'

The result lists the time-frame, covered by the license. In case the license has expired, you need to obtain a new license file.

Installing a new License

To install the new license, just put the file in the license directory and restart the talk-server's middleware:

  • As superuser copy the license file into the license directory. old license files can stay in the directory. Licenses are accumulative.
sudo cp <current licensefile location> /etc/clouddirectory/licenses/

After a few seconds, the new license will be applied and after reloading the Browser window, the Zimbra-talk tab should appear again.

Zimbra Talk


Latest Version: 2.3

Zimbra Talk Resources

Here you can find useful resources for your Zimbra Talk environment

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