How to check accounts in a specific Mboxgroup database

How to check accounts in a specific mboxgroup database?

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How to check the accounts in a mboxgroup database?


Knowing how to identify the affected users when corruption occurs in a Mboxgroup database file can be incredibly helpful. It's important to understand that the identifiers used are unique to the mailstore, with "group_id" representing the Mboxgroup and id representing the "userid". However, "account_id" is a global variable, and its email address can be found in the "comment" field. Efficient troubleshooting and resolution of any issues with a Mboxgroup database can be achieved by comprehending these key identifiers.

Note: It's important to note that the number of displayed accounts may differ depending on the server size. This is because the round-robin method used to assign users to Mboxgroups is determined by zimbra_mailbox_groups, which is set to 100 by default.

  • The following command checks the number of users present in the mboxgroup5 database (here mboxgroup5 is an exmaple).
$ mysql -e 'select id, comment, account_id, group_id from zimbra.mailbox where group_id=5'
| id | comment                                   | account_id                           | group_id |
|  5 |                       | 9ded4fa5-62fe-4ae4-ac14-7a8928386ea8 |        5 | 
  • The account_id and comment information can also be double-checked using zmprov command:
$ zmprov gmi 9ded4fa5-62fe-4ae4-ac14-7a8928386ea8
mailboxId: 5
quotaUsed: 0

$ zmprov gmi
mailboxId: 5
quotaUsed: 0
Submitted by: Aman Shukla
Verified Against: ZCS 8.8, ZCS 9.0, ZCS 10.0 Date Created: 2023-04-15
Article ID: Date Modified: 2023-12-20

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