How to change the Calendar sharing URL

Change calendar sharing URL in Webclient

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How to change the calendar sharing URL in Webclient



Domain/Global level attribute zimbraPublicServiceHostname is responsible to change the calendar sharing URL in Webclient.

    Name to be used in public API such as REST or SOAP proxy.

               type : string
              value :
           callback :
          immutable : false
        cardinality : single
         requiredIn :
         optionalIn : domain,globalConfig
              flags : domainInfo,domainInherited
           defaults :
                min :
                max : 256
                 id : 377
    requiresRestart :
              since :
    deprecatedSince :

To change the calendar sharing URL set the value of zimbraPublicServiceHostname on domain or global level as below:

Steps for Global Level Config

su - zimbra 
zmprov mcf zimbraPublicServiceHostname MAIL.DOMAIN.COM

Steps for Domain Level Config

su - zimbra 
zmprov md DOMAIN.COM zimbraPublicServiceHostname MAIL.DOMAIN.COM

Note: Replace DOMAIN.COM and MAIL.DOMAIN.COM as per the requirement.

Submitted by: Nagesh Bhagwat
Verified Against: ZCS 8.8 Date Created: 2020-05-22
Article ID: Date Modified: 2021-07-07

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