HTML Signature exceeds maximum length of 10,240

HTML Signature exceeds maximum length of 10,240

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Error - 'HTML Signature exceeds maximum length of 10,240 (it includes the html tags)' is observed while creating an HTML signature from webmail preferences 98496255.png


The default size of signature is controlled by account/cos attribute zimbraMailSignatureMaxLength. COS default is 10240. To fix the error above, increase the allowed size of zimbraMailSignatureMaxLength attribute from 10240.

To increase mail signature length from admin console, go to -

Home >> Configure >> Class of Service >> <Select COS Here> >> Preferences


From CLI -

  • At COS level:
zmprov mc COS_NAME zimbraMailSignatureMaxLength 0 
  • At account level:
zmprov ma zimbraMailSignatureMaxLength 0

0 means unlimited, and default size is 10240

Submitted by: Sourabh Bhushan
Verified Against: ZCS 8.8,8.7,8.6,8.5 Date Created: 2017-08-21
Article ID:,240 Date Modified: 2020-04-29

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