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This article is a short how-to on adding a Google Calendar to Zimbra.

Add Google Calendar via the Zimbra web UI

Locate the secret iCal link associated with the GMail account. You can find this by going to the Google calendar and opening the settings to find this panel:


Click on the eye icon to reveal the URL and then copy the URL.

Zimbra Classic UI


In Zimbra Classic UI select the gear icon in the calendar panel and select add external calendar. In this form select Add External Calendar (Other). Don’t select Google Calendar (see WebDAV below)!


On the next form select iCAL Subscription from the drop down menu and then enter the URL you copied from Google calendar settings into the ICS URL field. Then hit Next and it should sync.

Zimbra Modern UI


In Zimbra Modern UI select the gear icon next to Others in the calendar panel and select Subscribe.


Enter the URL you copied from Google calendar settings into the URL field. Then hit Continue and it should sync.

Add Google Calendar via command line

You can also add the Google Calendar to Zimbra via the command line using the zmmailbox command, you have to run this as user zimbra:

zmmailbox -z -m cf --view appointment --url "" /Google


The Google Calendar shared via iCAL is read-only, so you can only display the Google Calendar in Zimbra, but not edit/add appointments. This can still be useful for displaying appointments, events and availability.

Add Google Calendar via WebDAV

In case you also need to be able to edit your Google Calendar from within Zimbra, you can do this via the steps described in below link. This option does require a paid Google subscription.

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