Guide for Zimbra Admins (like myself)

Yes, there are the forums, the wiki and the blog. But within the wiki, there's a bunch of pages with good recipe-like notes.

These should come in handy:

zimbra@zimbra:~/bin$ ls *ctl*
zmamavisdctl	zmauditswatchctl  zmmailboxdctl   zmproxyctl	  zmswatchctl
zmantispamctl	zmclamdctl	  zmmemcachedctl  zmsaslauthdctl  zmtlsctl
zmantivirusctl	zmconvertctl	  zmmtaconfigctl  zmspellctl	  zmzimletctl
zmapachectl	zmloggerctl	  zmmtactl	  zmstatctl
zmarchivectl	zmlogswatchctl	  zmnginxctl	  zmstorectl


disable user's sieve, but add your own as the admin

zmprov ma zimbraFeatureFiltersEnabled FALSE

if the Mom folder didn't exist, the command would create the folder automatically:

zmmailbox -z -m afrl "Mom" active all header "from" contains "" fileinto "Mom"

(originally from King0770-Notes-Sieve_Rules_By_Proxy)

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