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Deploying ZCO Connector Using GPO

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The Zimbra Connector is configured to support multiple languages and when installing using GPO, there is no method to flag the appropriate language. Because of this, the msi file language needs to be manually set before the GPD rollout.

Note: If the rollout occurs without setting the language, the installation will default to Arabic since it is the first language listed in the languages list.

To Update the ZCO msi file, you will need to:

  • Download Windows SDK and install the MSI tool.
  • Download the latest ZCO connector.
  • Modify MSI language


1) Download the Windows SDK at

 a. Select the "DOWNLOAD THE INSTALLER" button from the portal. 
 b. Run the 'winsdksetup.exe'
 c) Select the download path
 d) Uncheck everything except MSI Tools and download.

MSI Tool.png

2) Install Orca-x86_en-us.msi by opening window Explorer going to the download path and double clicking Orca-x86_en-us.

3) Launch Orca Tool by locating Orca within the start list ORCA.png

4) Downloading the latest ZCO connector at

5) Open the connector MSI within Orca by selecting File => Open and selecting the ZCO msg installer.

6) Setting the language by select View => Summary Information and removing all languages other than your preferred language.


The following are supported Language and codes:

Language Code Locate
1033 English - United States
1030 Danish
1031 German - Germany
3082 Spanish - Spain (Modern Sort)
1036 French - France
1040 Italian - Italy
1041 Japanese
1043 Dutch - Netherlands
1046 Portuguese - Brazil
1049 Russian
1053 Swedish - Sweden
1025 Arabic - Saudi Arabia
1081 Hindi
1042 Korean
1045 Polish
1055 Turkish
2052 Chinese - People's Republic of China
3076 Chinese - Hong Kong SAR
1028 Chinese - Taiwan
1038 Hungarian
1048 Romanian - Romania
1058 Ukrainian
1054 Thai
2070 Portuguese - Portugal
1086 Malay - Malaysia
1060 Slovenian
1037 Hebrew
1057 Indonesian
1027 Catalan
1044 Norwegian (Bokmål)
1066 Vietnamese

7) Save

Note: The file been modified and will contain an unknown publisher.

Once the timezone has been updated, it is time to deploy the ZCO connector. There are a number of approaches that can be used, Zimbra has verified the follow options.

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