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Outlook 2013 using EAS (Exchange ActiveSync)

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EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) was released in ZCS 8.5 and above and is a Network Edition feature.

Preparing the COS and checking the license

Use the EAS feature in Outlook 2013 needs to have a Mobile Sync Accounts in the Zimbra License, you can check the license with the next command:

   zimbra@zimbra-sn-u14-10:~$ zmlicense -p | grep MobileSync*                                

If we have a valid license and enough accounts to configure it, is the turn to enable the Mobile sync in the COS that we want under Home > Configure > Class of Service > YOURCOS > Zimbra Mobile


Configuring the account in Microsoft Outlook 2013

We need to be sure that we are using Microsoft Outlook 2013, in 2010, 2007, etc will not work the EAS feature.

Open the Control Panel and search the Feature called Mail


Then, create New Profile for your EAS account, first click en Show Profiles


Then click in Add, and write a name for the Profile, in this case ZIMBRA EAS


In the next Window, select the second option called " or Exchange ActiveSync compatible service"


Then, the wizard will ask for the configuration about the Username and the server, in this example in the Server Name is the IP, but the proper way is use a valid FQDN name, like


In case that uses a Self-Signed certificate, and don't have the valid CA and the SSL certificate installed on the Computer, will prompt this warning. The best option is have a valid Commercial SSL certificate.


The wizard will finish with a completed message of the checking the server and the previous data


And press Finish the wizard


If we have other Profiles, we can select the Zimbra EAS one like default, or just mark ask when Outlook opens to select the proper Profile


Test the syncronization between Outlook 2013 and the WebClient

Once the Profile is already configured, just click in the Outlook icon


Once opened, we can check that we have all the items syncronized between the WebClient and Microsoft Outlook 2013. Note: We can't check the Shared Items for others users, like Mail folders, calendars, etc. In case that we want it, we need to install and configure the ZCO

Email, and Email Folders

In Outlook 2013, check the number of the emails, and Folders that you have.


Needs to be the same like in the WebClient, all the folders hierarchy and the content of the Folders.



With the contacts, we will have all the Contacts synchronized between Outlook 2013 and the WebClient, here is the example of the WebClient.


And here is the example of the Contacts in the People option in Outlook 2013



We can also sync the Tasks between our Outlook 2013 and the WebClient, here an example of a Task in the WebClient


After a few seconds, the same Task is available and synchronized in the Outlook 2013



Zimbra with an account in EAS can synchronize the Calendar too, here is the example and appointment created on Outlook 2013


And this is the same appointment, few seconds later in the WebClient


Advantages of still using the ZCO with Outlook 2013 and above

Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO) have much more options than a configuration with Outlook and EAS, with ZCO you can:

  • Have the Out-of-Office Synced
  • Can see and manage the Shared Items: Mail folders, Calendars, Adress Books, etc.
  • You can have the same rules in Webclient and also in Outlook with ZCO
  • All the signatures will sync, some users have different signatures with a "template emails"
  • Outlook with ZCO permits import a .PST from other Outlook version or previous Backup

Identified Support/Known Issues

Known issues include the following bugs:


  • [Bug 83727] - Contacts sub-folders and Global Address List do not sync when using an Outlook 2013 Exchange ActiveSync profile.
  • [Bug 83736] - Read receipt notifications are not received when enabled when using an Outlook 2013 Exchange ActiveSync profile.
  • [Bug 83747] - Categories and Tags are not displaying in the Zimbra Web Client when using Outlook 2013 Exchange ActiveSync.
  • [Bug 83750] - Appointment and tasks display in HTML body format in Outlook 2013 Exchange ActiveSync.
  • [Bug 83790] - Contact notes do not display in the Zimbra Web Client when using Outlook 2013 Exchange ActiveSync.
  • [Bug 83793] - Task reminders in the Zimbra Web Client do not sync when using Outlook 2013 Exchange ActiveSync.
  • [Bug 83801] - Numerous known issues when using Outlook 2013 Exchange ActiveSync.
Verified Against: ZCS 8.6, 8.5, 8.0 Date Created: 04/01/2014
Article ID: Date Modified: 2018-01-18

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