Empathy and Zimbra


Zimbra 5.0 or higher supports the XMPP (Jabber) protocol for instant messaging. It stands for eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) (formerly known as Jabber) which is an open sourced, XML-inspired protocol for near real time, extensible instant messaging (IM) and presence information (a.k.a. buddy lists).

XMPP compatible clients, such as Telepathy (Empathy), can be used to connect to the Zimbra server. Users can then add buddies from their Zimbra Server into Telepathy without having a need to connect to a Third Party service such as AIM or MSN (the network edition has YIM interop). This allows users to keep their home or personal instant messaging account separate from their work or professional account. Additionally, users can use the company/corporate/family Zimbra Server without signing up for another IM account from a Third Party Vendor. If you have an account on the Zimbra Server, you already have a XMPP/Chat account.

Empathy is a frontend for Telepathy.

Install Empathy

(Platform dependent) 'empathy' package ie: yum install empathy or apt-get install empathy

Typically requires 'telepathy-core' though there are many more backend protocols you can add, depending on your repositories some of these may be auto installed:

libtelepathy-glib0 libtelepathy2 python-telepathy telepathy-butterfly telepathy-core telepathy-gabble telepathy-gnome telepathy-haze telepathy-idle telepathy-mission-control telepathy-salut telepathy-sofiasip telepathy-stream-engine libmissioncontrol-client0 libmissioncontrol-server1 telepathy-mission-control empathy empathy-megaphone-applet libempathy-common

Configuring Empathy

After installation

  1. Add +
  2. Jabber > create
  3. Username: user@domain.com
  4. Pass: *
  5. Click advanced
  6. Priority: 0 - for more on priority see http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0168.html
  7. Resource: Whatever you want (this identifies your unique endpoint)
  8. Server: server.domain.com
  9. Port: 5222 or 5223

Conferencing in Empathy

  1. Room Tab
  2. conference.servername.domain.com
Verified Against: ZCS 5.0.9 & Empathy 0.22.1 Date Created: 10/3/2008
Article ID: https://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Empathy_and_Zimbra Date Modified: 2015-03-24

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