ERROR: service.AUTH EXPIRED error

ERROR: service.AUTH_EXPIRED error

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ERROR: service.AUTH_EXPIRED error when running the given command on server :

zmprov ga user@domain zimbraMailHost
ERROR: service.AUTH_EXPIRED (auth credentials have expired)


Step 1

Check if the zimbraAuthTokenLifetime is not set too low value which might have caused the auth token to expire. Default is 2days :

zmprov -l ga user@domain | grep -i zimbraAuthTokenLifetime
Step 2

It can also happen that the mailbox where the command is run from is not set to correct time in the server's timezone. If it's the case, set the correct time on server and rerun the command, as an example:

[zimbra@zmstore ~]$ date
Mon Jun 20 20:23:48 IST 2016
[zimbra@zmstore ~]$ exit
[root@zmstore ~]# date -s 'Tue Jun 21 08:25:30'
Tue Jun 21 08:25:30 IST 2016
[root@zmstore ~]# date
[root@zmstore ~]# zmprov ga user@domain zimbraMailHost
# name user@domain
zimbraMailHost: mstore.domain

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Article ID: Date Modified: 2020-05-23

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