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DwtColorPicker(parent, className, posStyle)

the widget parent, can be a DwtShell or DwtMenu
the name of a css style class to be assigned to the widget

Generates DwtSelectionEvent() on seletion. The hex RGB of the color seleted is found in the detail variable.

var colorCode = event.detail;


Creates a color picker displaying "Web safe" colours. Instances of this class may be used with DwtMenu to create a ColorPicker menu. Clicking on a color cell generates a DwtSelectionEvent the detail attribute of which contains the color string associated the cell on which the user clicked


 function launch() {
   var DBG = new AjxDebug(AjxDebug.NONE, null, false);
/* We always have to create a DwtShell as the root of our component * hierarchy and does some handy things for us. */ var shell = new DwtShell("MainShell", false, null, null, true);
/* Setting the shell to be virtual tells it that it should remain hidden. * Direct children of the shell will actually have their HTML elements * reparented to the body element. This is handy when we want to mix * components in with existing HTML content */ shell.setVirtual();
/* * Now we will create a listener to handle the selection and the picker widget */ var listener = new AjxListener(null, colorListener); var colorPicker = new DwtColorPicker(shell);
// add the listener to the widget colorPicker.addSelectionListener(listener);
// Get the div into which we want to place the picker var div = document.getElementById('primary_color_picker');
// Clean out any content div.innerHTML = "";
// Reparent the picker's HTML element to the div colorPicker.reparentHtmlElement(div); }
 function colorListener(event) {
   // just an alert box with the selected color number
 // Make it happen

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Article ID: https://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=DwtColorPicker Date Modified: 2015-03-24

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