Domain users migration to new zimbra server

Domain users migration to new zimbra server


How to Migrate only single domain users to new zimbra server


1. Take the full backup in old system.

2. Make a new system as per "", hostname of both server should be same and install the machine is in isolated network.

3. Export and import the ldap to new machine from old.

4. Delete other domain users and domains from ldap

5. rsync the full backup to new system

6. Make a list of all domain users which you want in new system

7. Restore all domain users one by one.

8. Once restores, stop the old server for 30 minutes. Copy the redolog files after full backup from "/opt/zimbra/redolog" to new system

9. Play the redo, once done for all users. Delete all users from old system and start the zcs services.

10. On new system, rename the zimbra hostname.

"Navdeep Mathur"


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