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It may be required to convert a mailbox account to a Zimbra calendar resource account. This may be necessary if it is desired to create a calendar location or equipment resource from a mailbox that has already been in use for sometime; i.e., its calendar is already full of appointments.


Use zmprov to convert a mailbox account to a calendar resource account. The following attribute settings show which values are required to complete the operation successfully.

zmprov ma +objectClass zimbraCalendarResource displayName "An Automobile" zimbraAccountCalendarUserType RESOURCE zimbraCalResType Equipment

Calendar Resource Class

The mailbox takes on an additional objectClass of zimbraCalendarResource as noted by the +objectClass zimbraCalendarResource portion of the command. Be sure to prefix the objectClass designation with a "+" to preserve existing objectClass values on the account.

Display Name

The displayName attribute is required. Designate a value if the mailbox account does not have one already.

Calendar User Type

The calendar user type is one of USER or RESOURCE. This value is set with the zimbraAccountCalendarUserType attribute. The default value is USER.

Calendar Resource Type

The calendar resource type is one of Equipment or Location. This value is set with the zimbraCalResType attribute and has no default value, but is required.

Verified Against: ZCS 6.0.x Date Created: 09/28/2009
Article ID: Date Modified: 2015-03-25

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