Configure Zimbra GAL as LDAP addressbook in Thunderbird

Configure Zimbra GAL as LDAP addressbook in Thunderbird

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How to configure Zimbra GAL as LDAP address book on Thunderbird.

Note: LDAP (TCP 389) or LDAPS (TCP 636) ports must be open if you want to use the above steps. Open the LDAP Port from Internet is not recommended. You can use VPN instead to protect your environment.

Please note as well that in Multi-Server Environments, you must use to the LDAP FQDN.


  • Select "General" tab and enter the values according to your environment:-
Name:                   ZimbraGAL
Hostname:             Server IP / Hostname
Base DN:               ou=people,dc=DOMAIN,dc=COM
Port number:          389
Bind DN:                uid=USERNAME,ou=people,dc=DOMAIN,dc=COM


  • Go to "Advanced" tab and enter maximum search limit value:-
Don't return more than:                     1000
Scope:                                           Subtree
Search filter:                                   (objectclass=*)
Login method:                                  Simple


3). Now go to "Offline" tab and click on "Download Now" button to download contacts. It will ask for user’s password, enter the password to that user which one is configured in the "Bind DN" of Step 1.


And then introduce your password:


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