Clean up Drive Beta Database

How to Clean up a Zimbra Drive (Beta) Database

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If you've been trying out the Zimbra Drive Beta since 8.8.10 and are transitioning to the Stable version in 8.8.12 or later, you will first need to clear out the Drive database. These steps include removing any existing files from the volumes, as not doing so might lead to Orphaned BLOBs being reported by the Blob Check, and other minor inconveniences.


  1. Stop the mailboxd service running, with zmmailboxdctl stop
  2. Empty the /opt/zimbra/data/drive/ folder of all mailbox servers in the infrastructure
  3. Empty the drive/ subfolder of any volume that hosted Drive Beta files (e.g. /opt/zimbra/store/drive/)
  4. Restart the mailboxd service with zmmailboxdctl start

Verified Against: ZCS 8.x Date Created: 26/03/2019
Article ID: Date Modified: 2019-03-26

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