CLI zmrestore Network Edition only

CLI zmrestore Network Edition

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The CLI command zmrestore is available only on ZCS Network Edition. For the most recent information on this CLI, including syntax and description, see ZCS Administrator's Guide Network Edition > Appendix A Command-Line Utilities.

ZCS 6.0.x

  • Bug 35278 - Beginning in ZCS 6.0, a new option --skipDeletes has been added to zmrestore. If specified, zmrestore skips over deleted operations during replay.


This tool performs full restores and incremental restores for a designated mail host. You can either specify specific accounts, or, if no accounts are specified, all accounts are in the backup are restored. In addition, you can restore to a specific point in time.

This utility has short option names and full names. The short option is preceded by a single dash, the full option is proceeded by a double dash. For example, -rf is the same as --restorefullBackupOnly.


zmrestore [options]


Long Name Short Name Description
--account -a <arg> Specifies the account email addresses. Separate accounts with a blank space or type all to restore all accounts.
--backedupRedologs Only -br Replays the redo logs in backup only, which excludes archived and current redo logs of the system
--continueOnError -c Continue to restore other accounts when an error occurs
--createAccount -ca Restores accounts to target accounts whose names are prepended with prefix. (Can only be used in commands that use the -pre option.)
--debug -d Display diagnostics for debugging purposes
--help -h Displays the usage options for this command
--ignoreRedoErrors If true, ignore all errors during redo log replay
--label -lb <arg> The label of the full backup to restore. Restores to the latest full backup if this is omitted.
--prefix -pre <arg> The prefix to pre-pend to the original account names
--restoreAccount -ra Restores the account in directory service
-restoreToIncrLabel <arg>Replay redo logs up to and including this incremental backup
-restoreToRedoSeq <arg> Replay up to and including this redo log sequence
-restoreToTime <arg> Replay rodo logs until this time
--restorefullBackup Only -rf Restores to the full backup only, not any incremental backups since that backup.
--server -s <arg> Mail server host name. For format, use either the plain host name or the name. The default is the localhost name.
--skipDeletes If true, do not execute delete operation during redo log replay. See on what delete operations are.
--skipDeletedAccounts Do not restore if named accounts were deleted or did not exist at backup time. (This option is always enabled with -a all)
--systemData -sys Restores global tables and local config
--target -t <arg> Specifies the backup target location. The default is <zimbra_home>/backup.


  • Perform complete restore of all accounts on server1, including last full backup and any incremental backups since last full backup.
zmrestore -a all -s
  • Perform restore only to last full backup, excluding incremental backups since then, for all accounts on server1.
zmrestore -rf -a all -s
  • Create a new account from a backup of the target account. The name of the new account will be
zmrestore -a -ca -pre new_

ZCS 5.0

ZCS 4.5

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