CLI zmrestoreLDAP Network Edition only

CLI zmrestoreLDAP Network Edition Only

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The CLI command zmrestoreLDAP is available only on ZCS Network Edition. For the most recent information on this CLI, including syntax and description, see ZCS Administrator's Guide Network Edition > Appendix A Command-Line Utilities.

ZCS 10.0.x


This tool is run to restore accounts from the LDAP backup.


zmrestoreldap {-lb <arg>} {-t <arg>} [options]


Short Name Description
-lb <arg> Session label to restore from. For example, full200612291821113.
-t <arg> Specifies the backup target location. The default is /opt/zimbra/backup.
-lbs Lists all session labels in backup
-l Lists accounts in file.
-a <arg> Restores named account(s). List account names separated by white space.

ZCS 5.0

ZCS 4.5

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