Blackberry Stops Sync After Updating Outlook to SP2

Blackberry Stops Sync After Updating Outlook To SP2

Blackberry Stops Sync After Updating Outlook To SP2 Homepage

Description Of The Problem

After updating to SP2 Blackberry/ZCB stops syncing data with Devices. You'll need to launch MS Outlook to complete the Office SP2 installation.

When you launch Outlook for the first time after installing Service Pack 2, you’ll get a dialog saying “Preparing Outlook for first use.” This could take a while depending on the size of your mailbox and the amount of items in it. This is because of some changes in the indexes of the zdb-file to improve performance.

Resolution Steps

  1. Stop Blackberry Controller Service
  2. Start MS Outlook 2007
      • Does it prompts you to choose a profile? If it does not, this needs to be corrected.
      • Make sure the BlackberryManager and BlackberryServer profiles are set to 'Prompt' to choose a profile.
    • Choose the BlackberryServer profile to start Outlook
    • Allow Outlook to complete update. You will see the following message 'Preparing Outlook for first use'
    • Open one of the user's store experiencing this issue and confirm if Messages, Appointments and Address Books are synced in Outlook.
    • Stop Outlook and restart BlackBerry Controller service.
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Article ID: Date Modified: 2022-02-04

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