BlackBerry Enterprise Server Components

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server consists of the following components:

BlackBerry Router

The BlackBerry Router is designed to route data - such as email messages, organizer data, browser data, and intranet data - from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to the BlackBerry smartphone. The BlackBerry Router manages the connection between the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and the BlackBerry Infrastructure using SRP to route BlackBerry smartphone data through the wireless network. BlackBerry Router must be able to reach the BlackBerry Infrastructure through an outbound-initiated, bi-directional connection through Port 3101 on the firewall.

BlackBerry Dispatcher

All communication between the components of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server passes through the BlackBerry Dispatcher. The BlackBerry Dispatcher encrypts/decrypts and compresses/decompresses all BlackBerry data and routes this data through the BlackBerry Router to and from the BlackBerry Infrastructure.

BlackBerry Controller

The BlackBerry Controller monitors all of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server's components and services and restarts any that stop responding.

BlackBerry Synchronization Service

The BlackBerry Synchronization Service manages the wireless data synchronization of the address book, tasks, and memo list applications.

BlackBerry Policy Service

The BlackBerry Policy Service is responsible for pushing IT policies wirelessly to the BlackBerry smartphone.

BlackBerry Messaging Agent

The BlackBerry Messaging Agent connects to the messaging server to provide - Email messaging, Address lookup and Attachment services.

BlackBerry Attachment Service

The BlackBerry Attachment Service has the following capabilities when running BES software version 4.1.2 - Images have Enlarge All and Full Image viweing options, WAV file attachments and Control over attachment file size.

BlackBerry MDS Services

The BlackBerry MDS Services retrieve and translate information from the Internet or an organization's intranet and send it to the BlackBerry smartphone through the BlackBerry Dispatcher. The BlackBerry MDS Services act as an intelligent gateway that facilitates secure data flow between BalckBerry smartphone applications and online organization data, applications and Internet sites.

BlackBerry Manager

The BlackBerry Manager is the graphical user interface used by BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrators to administer, manage, and configure the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

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