Basic Zimlet Definition Tags

Basic Zimlet Definition Tags

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<zimlet> tag is the top level element for Zimlet definition file.

Supported attributes:

  • name - must match the name of Zimlet definition XML file.
  • version
  • description
  • target
    Space-separated list of targets. Valid values include "main" (default), "compose-window", and "view-window".

May contain following elements:

  • include
  • includeCSS
  • resource
  • handlerObject
  • zimletPanelItem
  • contentObject
  • serverExtension
  • userProperties


Indicates Javascript files used by the Zimlet. The listed Javascript files are automatically loaded by the Zimlet framework in the order specified in the definition file.


Indicates CSS style sheet files used by the Zimlet. The listed CSS files are automatically loaded by the Zimlet framework in the order specified in the definition file.


Indicates additional resource files, such as XSL, GIF, or JPEG images.


Name of the top level Javascript object. The object must declare ZimletBase as the prototype. The object is automatically instantiated by Zimlet framework.


Creates an entry in the Zimlet panel area.

Supported attributes:

  • label
  • icon

May contain following elements:

  • toolTipText
  • dragSource
  • contextMenu


Specify the behavior of content object in the document that Zimlet matches.

May contain following elements:

  • matchOn
  • toolTip


Specify the rules for server side indexing.

Supported attributes:

  • hasKeyword
  • extensionClass
  • regex


Lists per-user properties used by the Zimlet.


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Article ID: Date Modified: 2021-07-17

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