Avoid users receiving their own messages when interacting with DL

How to prevent users from receiving own messages when interacting with DL

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Prevent users from receiving a copy of their own messages when sending or replying to a distribution list.


Follow below steps.

  • After loging in to Zimbra account, navigate to the "Filters" tab under "Preferences" section.
  • Create a new filter by clicking on the "Create Filter" button to and give filter a name, for example, "Exclude Self-Delivery."
  • In the "Match" section, specify the criteria for identifying messages from the distribution list. By clicking on "+" button set From match exactly your email address.
  • In the "Actions" section, choose the action "Discard" or "Move to Trash" to prevent the message from being delivered to your own inbox. This ensures that the message is only delivered to the other members of the distribution list.


  • Save the filter.

By creating this filter, any messages sent by the sender to the distribution list address will be discarded or moved to the trash folder, effectively preventing the sender from receiving a copy of their own message.

Submitted by: Keshav Gaur
Verified Against: ZCS 8.8.15, ZCS 9, ZCS 10 Date Created: 2023-07-19
Article ID: https://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Avoid_users_receiving_their_own_messages_when_interacting_with_DL Date Modified: 2024-01-03

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