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Actual GAL (Server) Topics Notes Homepage

Please see Ajcody-Notes-ServerGAL

GAL Behavior Bugs/RFE's

GAL And Alises

Please see the following:

Canonical Addresses - Beyond GAL Issues Really

Please see the following:

External GAL Source

Please see:

Setting/Checking GAL Varaibles

CLI To Sync Gal On Server

Truthfully, I'm not sure of the reasoning behind the command but this might be useful in trouble shooting connector issues with GAL sync issues.

zmprov syg DOMAINNAME.com

4.5.x versions will need quotes at the end.

zmprov syg DOMAINAME.com ""

My Gal & LDAP Settings For A Domain

To see your setting, do the following - replacing with domainname with the domain in question.

su - zimbra
zmprov gd [domainname] zimbraGalLdapSearchBase
zmprov gd [domainname] zimbraGalSyncLdapSearchBase

You'll see more GAL/LDAP related variables with:

zmprov gd domainname | egrep -i 'ldap|gal'

They are set using:

zmprov md [domainname] zimbraGalLdapSearchBase variable
zmprov md [domainname] zimbraGalSyncLdapSearchBase variable

Want My GAL To See All Domains

The default of a domain GAL [zimbraGalInternalSearchBase] is to see only it's domain. To have the GAL for a domain to see all domains on the server you need to set the variable to ROOT.

To see the existing setting:

zmprov gd [domainname] zimbraGalLdapSearchBase

To change the variable for the domain:

zmprov md [domainname] zimbraGalInternalSearchBase ROOT

All global change would be done with:

zmprov mcf zimbraGalInternalSearchBase ROOT
Some Other Ideas - Especially With Multiple Domains And ZCS Servers

This is just some notes I made for a specific case where there were multiple ZCS installs across sister companies. They didn't have a multi-server install and weren't sharing LDAP data therefore.

Here's some ideas I'm considering for this situation:

  1. Dump GAL data from each server and combine date to either:
    1. an external LDAP server you can then configure the ZCS servers to use as an external GAL
      • admin console > domain > GAL > Configure GAL > Both or External
    2. reformat GAL data so it can then be imported as an address book via the CLI into a sharead adddressbook on each server. Setup command to run from cron.
  2. Just setup an external Openldap server (which would have replica's at each site) that can be used as an external GAL - make this authoritative in your company. Then setup the ZCS to use it as an external GAL.
  3. To actually move your infrastructure of ZCS servers into one primary ZCS configuration. Instead of having each site/domain having it's own primary LDAP/ZCS server they would become LDAP replica servers with their domain mailstore's being local to each site. Configure each site/domain to use it's own MTA - if you want/need. And then internally to Zimbra you could set the GAL to be ROOT rather than DOMAIN.

Some bugs to review that touch on this:

I'm sure there's some other possibilities.

GAL Related Attributes Usage

This is from earlier 5.x versions, newer version might include more variables.

Attribute                                 scope                  For              GAL op
                                                                 - zimbra         - autocomplete
                                                                 - external       - serarch
                                                                 - both           - sync
                                                                                  - all
zimbraHideInGal                           account,DL,CR          zimbra           all
zimbraFeatureGalEnabled                   account,cos            both             search,sync
zimbraFeatureGalAutoCompleteEnabled       account,cos            both             autocomplete
zimbraPrefGalAutoCompleteEnabled          account,cos            both             autocomplete
zimbraGalMode                             domain                 both             all
zimbraGalLdapFilterDef                    globalConfig           both             all
zimbraGalLdapAttrMap                      domain,globalConfig    both             all
zimbraGalMaxResults                       domain,globalConfig    both             autocomplete, search (for sync, system does not specify a max when searching LDAP)
zimbraGalTokenizeAutoCompleteKey          domain                 both             autocomplete
zimbraGalTokenizeSearchKey                domain                 both             search

zimbraGalLdapPageSize                     domain,globalConfig    both             autocomplete, search, (sync if zimbraGalSyncLdapPageSize is not set)
zimbraGalSyncLdapPageSize                 domain,globalConfig    both             sync

zimbraGalInternalSearchBase               domain,globalConfig    zimbra           autocomplete, search, (sync if zimbraGalSyncInternalSearchBase is not set)
zimbraGalSyncInternalSearchBase           domain,globalConfig    zimbra           sync

zimbraGalLdapURL                          domain                 external         autocomplete, search, (sync if zimbraGalSyncLdapURL is not set)
zimbraGalSyncLdapURL                      domain                 external         sync

zimbraGalLdapSearchBase                   domain                 external         autocomplete, search, (sync if zimbraGalSyncLdapSearchBase is not set)
zimbraGalSyncLdapSearchBase               domain                 external         sync

zimbraGalLdapAuthMech                     domain                 external         autocomplete, search, (sync if zimbraGalSyncLdapAuthMech is not set)
zimbraGalSyncLdapAuthMech                 domain                 external         sync

zimbraGalLdapBindDn                       domain                 external         autocomplete, search, (sync if zimbraGalSyncLdapBindDn is not set)
zimbraGalSyncLdapBindDn                   domain                 external         sync

zimbraGalLdapBindPassword                 domain                 external         autocomplete, search, (sync if zimbraGalSyncLdapBindPassword is not set)
zimbraGalSyncLdapBindPassword             domain                 external         sync

zimbraGalLdapKerberos5Principal           domain                 external         autocomplete, search, (sync if zimbraGalSyncLdapKerberos5Principal is not set)
zimbraGalSyncLdapKerberos5Principal       domain                 external         sync

zimbraGalLdapKerberos5Keytab              domain                 external         autocomplete, search, (sync if zimbraGalSyncLdapKerberos5Keytab is not set)
zimbraGalSyncLdapKerberos5Keytab          domain                 external         sync

zimbraGalAutoCompleteLdapFilter           domain,globalConfig    external         autocomplete
zimbraGalLdapFilter                       domain                 external         search, (sync if zimbraGalLdapSyncFilter is not set)
zimbraGalSyncLdapFilter                   domain                 external         sync

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