Administration Console

Administration Console

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The Zimbra administration console is the browser-based user interface used to centrally manage all Zimbra servers and mailbox accounts.

When you install the Zimbra Collaboration Suite, the administrator’s user name and password are configured during installation and an admin account is configured. You can log on to the console immediately after the installation is complete.

Administrator Accounts

Only accounts designated as administrator can log onto the administration console to manage accounts and server configurations. For the Network Edition, two kinds of administrator accounts can be created:

  • Global Administrators, who have full privileges to manage servers, global settings, domains, and accounts. One global administrator account is initially created when the software is installed. Additional administrator accounts can be created.
  • Domain Administrators, who can create, modify and delete accounts for a specific domain.

The administrator type is designated when an account is created. For the Network Edition, on the General tab, either the Administrator or the Domain Administrator box is checked.

Global Administrator

A global administrator manages servers, global configuration, domains and all accounts. Administration tasks can be performed either from the administration console or using the Zimbra Command Line Interface (CLI) tools. The global administrator can delegate a user as a domain administrator. More than one global administrator can be configured.

Domain Administrator

(Network Edition only)

A domain administrator can create and maintain accounts, aliases, distribution lists, and calendar resources in a specific domain. The Zimbra global administrator configures the domain's global settings and account features and preferences. All accounts on the domain are assigned the same COS.

The domain administrator can download and run the Migration Wizard to migrate Microsoft Exchange server mail accounts to their domain.

All tasks are performed from the administration console. Delegated administrator see only the functions they can maintain: Accounts, Aliases, Distribution Lists, and Resources. Help topics explain delegated administrator tasks.

Logging on

To start the console in a typical installation, use the following URL pattern.

https: //

Where is the current running Zimbra server name or IP address and default HTTP listen port is 7071.

Enter the complete administrator address, as and then enter the password. Click Log On.

Changing Administrator Passwords

The administrator password is created when the Zimbra software is configured during installation. The password can be changed at any time from the Accounts toolbar. Select the administrator account and click Change Password.

The administration password can also by changed using the CLI zmprov setpassword.

zmprov sp <password>

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