Add Alias To Script

Pointing an email address to a server script

If you have a script that receives and parses incoming email you may need to setup an alias to point to your script. There are two steps involved.

1. Add your alias to the postfix aliases file:

Open file: /path/to/zimbra/postfix/conf/aliases

Add your alias:

support root, |/path/to/

2. Edit the main file to include the server ip address:

Open file: /path/to/zimbra/postfix/conf/

Find the line that reads: "-o mynetworks="

Add your server's ip address to the end: "-o mynetworks=," where is the IP address of your mail server.

You will also need to comment the line just above this line so it reads: " #-o mynetworks_style=host"

That is it. You should now just need to restart zimbra and be good to go. You may also need to run "/path/to/zimbra/postfix/sbin/newaliases" Keep in mind if your mail server is named "" you will need to use the full server address including "mail." even if you normally do not.

Thank you to Mike Bradley of the Zimbra Forums for figuring this out.

See for another (and probably correct solution) to this problem.

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