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{{ZC}}{{Article Infobox|{{admin}}||{{ZCS 8.0}}|{{ZCS 7.0}}}}
{{ZC}}{{Article Infobox|{{admin}}|{{ZCO}}|{{ZCS 8.0}}|{{ZCS 7.0}}}}
= zmupdatedownload =
= zmupdatedownload =
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[[Category:ZCS 8.0]]
[[Category:ZCS 8.0]]
[[Category:ZCS 7.0]]
[[Category:ZCS 7.0]]

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This article applies to the following ZCS versions.

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If you are installing a new version of ZCO manually and would like that to automatically push out to your users, you will need to update the downloads stored on the mailstores. This is done via a script called "zmupdatedownload" which is included with the ZCS distribution:

Steps to Update ZCO Manually on the mailstore

0. Note the current permissions of the ZCO files in the following directory:


1. Move the existing files to a safe location for backup (/var/tmp/backup or whatever)

2. Upload these new files to here on all mailstores:


3. Make sure the perms are correct, owned by zimbra:zimbra

cd /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/downloads
chown zimbra:zimbra *

4. Use this tool to update the downloads (run as user zimbra)

# su - zimbra
$ /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmupdatedownload

Verified Against: ZCS 8.0 ZCS 7.0 Date Created: 01/15/2014
Article ID: https://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Zmupdatedownload Date Modified: 2014-01-31

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