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If you're seeing an error like this when you run zmprov:

[] ERROR: NotAfter: Sun Oct 08 00:38:45 EDT 2006
ERROR: zclient.IO_ERROR (invoke Untrusted Server Certificate Chain, server: localhost)    
(cause: Untrusted Server Certificate Chain)

your certs are expired, and need to be recreated

Using Zmprov to add themes:

'zmprov gcf zimbraInstalledSkin' and you'll get a list of currently installed skins.

When you've done that/written those down:

'zmprov mcf zimbraInstalledSkin <skin1> zimbraInstalledSkin <skin2> etc...'

List ALL the skins you want to include, the ones you don't want should be left off the list. (if you fail to list even the currently installed ones it actually uninstalls them)

Supposedly you then neeed a tomcat stop/start after the zmprov mcf, though it works for me without the restarting

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