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zmmailbox requires version 4.0 of the zcs or better

Command Usage

zmmailbox [args] [cmd] [cmd-args ...]

 -h/--help                                display usage
 -f/--file                                use file as input stream
 -u/--url      http[s]://{host}[:{port}]  server hostname and optional port. must use admin port with -z/-a
 -a/--admin    {name}                     admin account name to auth as
 -z/--zadmin                              use zimbra admin name/password from localconfig for admin/password
 -m/--mailbox  {name}                     mailbox to open
 -p/--password {pass}                     password for admin account and/or mailbox
 -P/--passfile {file}                     read password from file
 -v/--verbose                             verbose mode (dumps full exception stack trace)
 -d/--debug                               debug mode (dumps SOAP messages)
zmmailbox is used for mailbox management. Try:
    zmmailbox help admin           help on admin-related commands
    zmmailbox help account         help on account-related commands
    zmmailbox help commands        help on all commands
    zmmailbox help contact         help on contact-related commands
    zmmailbox help conversation    help on conversation-related commands
    zmmailbox help folder          help on folder-related commands
    zmmailbox help item            help on item-related commands
    zmmailbox help message         help on message-related commands
    zmmailbox help misc            help on misc commands
    zmmailbox help search          help on search-related commands
    zmmailbox help tag             help on tag-related commands


Determining Mailbox Size

To find the mailbox size for

zmmailbox -z -m gms

You can also get this from zmprov, per server:

zmprov gqu `zmhostname`|awk {'print " "$3" "$2" "$1'}

Creating Folder Mount Point for Shared Folders

Folder mount points for shared folders can be created on the command line to be accessed in the web interface. Currently, the mount points are not downloaded by the ZCO or iSync connectors and therefore must be designated manually in your 3rd party mail client, i.e., Outlook.

In this example, the administrator wishes to designate a mount point to for the shared marketing calendar located in the account for which she will have read/write permissions.

$ zmmailbox
mbox> adminAuthenticate -u password 
mbox> selectMailbox
mailbox:, size: 100.12 MB, messages: 1010, unread: 11
mbox> getAllFolders
        Id  View      Unread   Msg Count  Path
----------  ----  ----------  ----------  ----------
         1  conv           0           0  /
        10  appo           0           0  /Calendar
        14  mess           0           0  /Chats
         7  cont           0           0  /Contacts
       720  mess           0           0  /Deleted Messages
         6  mess           0           0  /Drafts
         2  mess          11        1010  /Inbox
       901  conv           0           0  /Journal
         4  mess           0           0  /Junk
        12  wiki           0           0  /Notebook
       900  conv           0           0  /Outbox
         5  mess           0           0  /Sent
        15  task           0           0  /Tasks
         3  conv           0           0  /Trash
mbox> getFolderGrant /Calendar
Inherit  Permissions    Type  Display
-------  -----------  ------  -------
  false        rwidx  accoun  null 
mbox> modifyFolderGrant /Calendar account rw
mbox> gfg /Calendar
Inherit  Permissions    Type  Display
-------  -----------  ------  -------
  false        rwidx  accoun  null 
  false           rw  accoun
mbox> selectMailbox
mailbox:, size: 251.32 MB, messages: 1543, unread: 314
mbox> createMountpoint /marketing-calendar /Calendar
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