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Mail move script.

bash script that implements functionality of proprietary CLI program zmmailboxmove from Network Edition for Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6.0 - Open Source Edition

This script is used to move a mailbox from one Zimbra server to another. Mailboxes can be moved between Zimbra servers that share the same LDAP server.

!!! ATTENTION !!! By default script purges source mailbox. If something goes wrong you may lose mail in this mailbox.

!!! ATTENTION !!! Mail what goes during script runs do not delayed. It will be lost

Usage: -h -a -s -t /tmp/tmp.tgz -p -v -m reset
-h              Displays the usage options for this command.
-a <arg>        Email address of account to move.
-s <arg>        Server where mailbox is moved to.
-t <arg>        Location of temp file.
-p      Do not purge old mailbox on previous server. After a mailbox has been successfully moved to a new server, do not remove the mailbox and its contents from the previous server.
-v      Verbose output.
-m [skip,modify,reset,replace]  Importing mode
 skip - ignores duplicates of old items, its also the default conflict-resolution.
 modify - changes old items.
 reset (default) - will delete the old subfolder (or entire mailbox if /).
 replace - will delete and re-enter them."
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