Zmaccts showing incomplete email addresses

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zmaccts command result shows incomplete email addresses

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zmaccts command result is showing incomplete email addresses.


Above example shows that email addresses are not complete like missing “m” from “.com” and "om" from ".com"


Take the backup of zmaccts script and modify the column widths and separators value into script.

Run as Root:

cp /opt/zimbra/bin/zmaccts /opt/zimbra/bin/
sed -i 's/my @w = ( 36, 11, 15, 15 );/my @w = ( 90, 11, 15, 15 );/' /opt/zimbra/bin/zmaccts

Now run the "zmaccts" command again to verify the result.

Note: These changes will not survive an upgrade on the server. Take a backup of the zmaccts file before upgrading or make the configuration change again after an upgrade.

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