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Zimlets™ - A Mechanism for Integrating Disparate Information Systems and Content with the Zimbra Collaboration Suite™(ZCS)

Zimlets are a mechanism for integrating the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) with third party information systems and content. We also use the Zimlet approach to "mash-up" (intermix) user interfaces within the Zimbra collaboration suite itself, such as by mashing up calendar and contacts within your email.

Zimlets are an extensible mechanism for marrying Web 2.0 technologies to enterprise messaging (e.g., email, IM, voice) and collaboration. With Zimlets, arbitrary message content can be made live by linking it with web content and services on intranets or the Internet. No more cutting and pasting from email to browser. "Mousing" over actionable content gives the user a real-time preview (subject to security constraints) that can be factored in decision making:

  • Mouse-over a date or time, and see what's in your calendar;
  • Mouse-over a phone number, and see what's in your address book;
  • Mouse-over an physical address, and see a map or even driving directions and estimated arrival time;
  • Mouse-over a flight, and see whether or not it's on time;
  • Mouse-over a customer email address or case tracking number, and see its status;
  • Mouse-over an equity to get a quote;
  • Mouse-over a part number to check inventory;
  • Mouse-over an Internet order, and see its shipping status; and so on.
  • Right click on a phone number to make a call with your soft-phone (such as via Skype or a Cisco VoIP phone);
  • Right click on a date to schedule a meeting;
  • Right click on a name, address, or phone number to update your address book;
  • Right click on a airline reservation to print your boarding pass;
  • Right click on an equity to trade;
  • Right click on a part number to place an order for more inventory;
  • Right click on a purchase order, provisioning request, or other internal workflow request to approve or reject it; and so on again.

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