Zimlet cookbook based on JavaScript API

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1. How to get access to an email's to,cc,bcc,subject, body information when its drag-dropped onto Zimlet's panel Item? First off we need to allow message(ZmMailMsg) or conversation(ZmConv) to be dragged onto Zimlet Panel Item.

  <zimletPanelItem label="Zimlet Name" icon="Zimlet-panelIcon">
		<dragSource type="ZmConv" />
		<dragSource type="ZmMailMsg" />

Then, within the Zimlet's Javascript file, we need to override 'doDrop' function.

com_zimbra_coloredemails.prototype.doDrop =
function(zmObject) {


The email dropped(zmObject) can be either a conversation or a single email. This zmObject internally has an object called 'srcObj' (aka source-object) and contains the real or actual Zimbra Object that was dropped. Once we get access to this, we can access all the properties and even functions.

com_zimbra_coloredemails.prototype.doDrop =
function(zmObject) {
     var msgObj = zmObject.srcObj;//get access to source-object

    if (zmObject.type == "CONV") {//if its a conversation i.e. "ZmConv"...
      msgObj  = zmObject.getFirstHotMsg();//get the first loaded message "ZmMailMsg" object 

   //At this point we have a single message "ZmMailMsg" object and we can access all its properties.






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