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<zimlet name="com_zimbra_ymaps" version="1.0" description="Yahoo Maps">




      <contentObject type="address">
                    <regex attrs="ig">
                             [\w]{3,}([A-Za-z]\.)?([ \w]*\#\d+)?(\r\n|
                    <canvas type="window" />
                    <actionUrl target="http://maps.yahoo.com/beta/index.php"
                          <param name="maxp">search</param>
                          <param name="q1">${src.objectContent}</param>

      <zimletPanelItem label="Maps" icon="YMAPS-panelIcon">
                    Drag'n'drop a contact to display a Yahoo Map

             <dragSource type="ZmContact" />

                    <menuItem label="Visit Yahoo Maps"
                         <canvas type="window" width="800"
                             height="600" />
                         <actionUrl target="http://maps.yahoo.com">
                             <param name="referrer">
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