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* [[Zimlet Developers Guide]] - Develop your own Zimlet
* [[Zimlet Developers Guide]] - Develop your own Zimlet
* [[ZClient]] - Server Side Programming for Zimbra
* [[ZClient]] - Server Side Programming for Zimbra
==Joshua Prismon's Zimlet Guide==
A few years ago (yes really), I wrote a O'Reilly shortcut on how to build Zimlet's for Zimbra. The market conditions changed after I started to write it, and O'Reilly recently informed me that they were giving up on publishing some shortcuts including mine. This was even though Andy Oram, editor extraordinaire and generally good guy had put a lot of effort into hammering my document into something useful.
So I am happy to announce that I got their agreement to go ahead and publish it to the Zimbra community:
* [[IntroToZimlets| Introduction to Zimbra Extensions]] The first section - what is Zimbra?
* [[StupidZimletTricks| Stupid Zimlet Tricks]] Fast and easy integration with the outside world.
* [[ZimletWeather| Software as a Service or Mashup?]] How do we use services from the Internet?
* [[MoreZimletTricks| More Zimlet Tricks]] More work on the Weather Extension.
* [[WholeZimletExperience| Never leave home]] How do you integrate whole applications into Zimbra?
* [[ZimbraFromScratch | Writing a new Application]] The clean-sheet approach.

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Working with Zimlets

  • Zimlets - Find out about the basics of Zimlets, and see an index of user-contributed Zimlets
  • Zimlet Developers Guide - Develop your own Zimlet
  • ZClient - Server Side Programming for Zimbra
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