Zimlet Developers Guide:Troubleshooting

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Zimlet fails to deploy

Problem Zimlet fails to deploy and FileNotFoundException in {zcs-install-dir}/log/mailbox.log.
Summary The Zimlet failed to deploy and the zimlet definition file {zimlet-name}.xml could not be found in the zimlet package.
Solution #1 Check that your zimlet ZIP package has the zimlet content at the top-level (i.e. directly in the ZIP).
Solution #2 Check that your zimlet name matches in the following locations:
  • The name of the Zimlet Definition File {zimlet-name}.xml
  • The Zimlet Definition File <zimlet> name attribute
  • <zimlet name={zimlet-name}” ... >
  • The Zimlet Package zip file is named {zimlet-name}.zip

See Zimlet Definition File for more information.

Solution #3 If you create your zimlet ZIP archive on a Mac and use the “Compress” feature from the Mac UI, additional Mac-specific files (e.g. directory __MACOSX/*) are added to the ZIP. Either remove these files manually or use the “zip” command line instead of Compress.
Solution #4 Check that your zimlet name is all lower case. For example "com_zimbra_helloworld" is valid. "COM_zimbra_HelloWorld" is not.

Cannot upgrade zimlet

Problem Cannot upgrade Zimlet or latest changes are not shown.
Solution #1 Uninstall (i.e. undeploy) old zimlet prior to installing new zimlet.
Solution #2 Be sure the zimlet version number as specified in the Zimlet Definition File and Zimlet Configuration File version attribute is higher than the older zimlet.

See Zimlet Definition File Reference and Zimlet Configuration File Reference for more information.

Solution #3 Flush the zimlet cache using:
zmprov fc zimlet
Solution #4 Clear the browser cache.

Zimlet not showing up

Problem Zimlet installed but not showing up in browser.
Solution #1 Check the browser error console for JavaScript errors:
  • On Firefox, browse to "Tools > Error Console"
  • On Internet Explorer, browse to "Tools > Internet Options" and choose "Advanced" tab. Check the "Display a notification for every script error".
Solution #2 Make sure you do not have any debugger statements in your zimlet.

See Firefox and Firebug for more information.

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