Zimlet Developers Guide:Troubleshooting

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Common Problems and Solutions

Problem Zimlet fails to deploy and FileNotFoundException in {zcs-install-dir}/log/mailbox.log.
Summary The Zimlet failed to deploy and the zimlet definition file {zimlet-name}.xml could not be found in the zimlet package.
Solution #1 Check that your zimlet ZIP package has the zimlet content at the top-level (i.e. directly in the ZIP).
Solution #2 Check that your zimlet name matches in the following locations:
  • The name of the Zimlet Definition File {zimlet-name}.xml
  • The Zimlet Definition File <zimlet> name attribute
  • <zimlet name={zimlet-name}” ... >
  • The Zimlet Package zip file is named {zimlet-name}.zip
Solution #3 If you create your zimlet ZIP archive on a Mac and use the “Compress” feature from the Mac UI, additional Mac-specific files (e.g. directory __MACOSX/*) are added to the ZIP. Either remove these files manually or use the “zip” command line instead of Compress.
Solution #4 Check that your zimlet name is all lower case. For example "com_zimbra_helloworld" is valid. "COM_zimbra_HelloWorld" is not.
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