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By enabling the Zimbra portal feature, a Home tab (is created that can be used as a portal landing-page in the Zimbra web client. This portal page can be configured to display zimlets as "portlets".

Enabling the Portal Feature

The portal feature can be enabled by setting the zimbraFeaturePortalEnabled CoS to TRUE using the zmprov command. Additionally, you can set the portal name to be used.

To enable portal for a specific user:

  1. Open a terminal.
  2. Change to the zimbra user:
    su - zimbra
  3. Set the portal feature COS to true:
    zmprov ma user@domain.com zimbraFeaturePortalEnabled TRUE
  4. Set the portal for the user to id "example":
    zmprov ma user@domain.com zimbraPortalName example
  5. </ul>

    Portal Files

    A portal consists primarily of a manifest.xml file that configures the portal "id" and defines which zimlets are used in the portal. The manifest also includes the base HTML layout for the portal page.

    The manifest is file should be located in a directory name that matches the portal id and placed in the {zcs-install-dir}/jetty/webapps/zimbra/portals/{portal-id} directory.

    An example portal (where id="example") is provided at:


    Portal Manifest File Reference

    The following



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