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General Information

The perforce cache gives users access to download and build/modify Zimbra source code for Open Source products. Building Zimbra Collaboration Suite from Zimbra's Perforce cache requires advanced knowledge of troubleshooting. It is not available for Network Edition components. Changes cannot be committed to the Perforce cache.

By building Zimbra, you agree to Zimbra's licensing terms. Building from source is not covered under the ZEUL, unlike pre-compiled binaries, but rather the YPL.

Technical support for source building can be found in the Zimbra Developers forum.

This guide describes building and installing zimbra-6.0.0+ (GNR) on FreeBSD-7.2_amd64. Trying to install on a different version (that means older than 7.2-RELEASE) is not advised and not covered.

Zimbra does not support FreeBSD operating system out of the box and there are no plans for the future support (or so we all heard). I tried to integrate FreeBSD into source tree as much as possible so the same version should compile fine on other supported systems.

At this point it's good to note that everything should be run as root unless stated otherwise.

Getting the source via Perforce

You need to install Perforce either from /usr/ports:

cd /usr/ports/devel/perforce && make install distclean

or fetch perforce package from my repository:

fetch http://zimbra.imladris.sk/download/packages/GNR/FreeBSD-7.2/amd64/perforce-08.2_5,1.tbz
pkg_add perforce-08.2_5,1.tbz

If you are using a csh derivate shell, which is the FreeBSD default, run:


Get the source:

setenv P4PORT codes.zimbra.com:2666
mkdir -p /home/public/p4
p4 -u public -P public1234 -c public-view sync -f //depot/zcs/GNR-601/...

The source is about 587 MB so it may take some time if you are sitting in the middle of Alaska.

Getting the source from my repository


mkdir -p /home/public/p4 && cd /home/public/p4
fetch http://zimbra.imladris.sk/download/src/GNR-601-src.tar.gz
tar vxzf GNR-601-src.tar.gz

The unpacked source is about 587 MB so it may take some time if you aren't sitting on Gigabit line.

Building Zimbra Collaboration Suite: "GNR-601"

GNR-601 is the latest 6.0 series release. Current version & changelist can be found on Pmweb


Huh. Problems? Why?

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