Zimbra Web Client Mail Filters

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Zimbra Web Client (ZWC) Mail Filters are an advanced user feature that allow users to perform actions on incoming email before it reaches their Inbox.

Well constructed mail filters can be used to capture spam that has bypassed spam filters, presort mail into designated folders, to apply tags to mail, to forward select messages.

How Do Filters Work?

Mail filters are a set of user defined conditions that are checked against incoming email. When an incoming email meets any of the user defined conditions, the filter performs user defined actions on the email.

In this section we will first take a look at filter conditions, and then at filter actions.

Filter Conditions

Filter conditions are made of two parts:

  • Comparison Field
  • Comparison Operator

A filter condition is constructed by choosing a comparison field and then choosing a comparison operator and completing any operator fields. These two parts instruct the filter what part of an email to check, and for what content to check.

You can create multiple filter conditions. Using multiple filter conditions help refine filters and allow you to look for very specific types of email. Less filter conditions will create broader filters that can catch a variety of different emails.

Comparison Field

The comparison field tells the ZWC Mail Filter which section of the email to check for the comparison operator. Comparison fields can include the From field, the email body, and even email attachments.

The following table lists and describes all comparison fields supported by ZWC.

Comparison Operator

The comparison operator tells the ZWC Mail Filter what to look for in the comparison field. Comparison operators can include exact matches, email size, and even the existance of an attachment.

The following table lists and describes all comparison operators supported by ZWC.

Note: The available comparison operators vary depending on the comparison field you selected.

Filter Actions

The filter action tells the ZWC Mail Filter what to do with any email that the matches the filter conditions. You can create multiple filter actions, which are applied in the order listed. Filter actions can include deleting, sorting, and even tagging incoming mail.

The following table lists and describes all filter actions supported by ZWC.

Using Wildcards in Filters

Creating and Managing Filters

Creating a Filter

Editing a Filter

Activating and Deactivating a Filter

Deleting a Filter

Troubleshooting Filters

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