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Zimbra Talk

Made to Expand Your Zimbra Server’s Capabilities

Host XMPP-based live chats, WebRTC videoconferences and audio conversations right within Zimbra – all without any additional software or plugins. All you need is your browser and an internet connection. The perfect tool for better collaboration and centralized communication.


Bring Together Email, Calendaring, Chat/Videoconference and Enterprise Applications

Zimbra Talk can be used for chat, audio or video calls. Conversation groups can consist of two or more members and new participants can be invited at any time. Users can select either the full-size video view or a small chat view which enables quick on-topic conversations without having to leave the current view or page. Zimbra Talk uses WebRTC and XMPP to provide a powerful video chat solution with maximum security.

Zimbra Talk


Latest Version: 2.3

Zimbra Talk Resources

Here you can find useful resources for your Zimbra Talk environment

Zimbra Talk Videos

Zimbra Talk Product Demo


Zimbra Talk Text-Chat Demo


Zimbra Talk Video-Chat Demo


Zimbra Talk Screen-Sharing Demo


Zimbra Talk Documentation

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