Zimbra Support Portal User Guide

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Default Ports Used by Zimbra

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Zimbra Support Portal

The Zimbra Support portal is build to provide a friendly and up to date user experience. To access the Support portal you will need an active support contract, a username and password. To obtain access please contact your Account representative or email Zimbra Support and we will verify your account and send a welcome email containing your username.

Once you receive your username, you will need to reset your password. To do this, go to https://support.zimbra.com

Main Login Page.png

Select Forgot your password link within the login page and enter your Username.

Password Reset.png

When successful and email will be sent to your contact email address containing a link to the reset password page.

Reset Password Email.png

If you do not receive an email it could be caused by:

  • Incorrect username.
  • Message was flagged as spam.
  • A different email address is listed as your primary email address.

Select the link will open the reset password page:

Reset Password Page.png

If the reset password link within the email sends you back to the reset password URL, then the URL embedded within the email was modified during delivery. Customers who have experienced this issue had security protections that re-write embedded URL's from external senders and will need to white list https://support.zimbra.com. If whitelisting is not an option, please contact Support and we can work with you on an alternative solution.


Once logged in, you will be presented the Home page which contains latest postings from the Support team.

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