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Zimbra Suite Plus - Compatibility List

Compatibility List Tables

The Compatibility Tables for Zimbra Suite Plus are found below. Please take note of the following statements before checking for compatibility:

  • Patches have no effect on Zimbra Suite Plus, so when a version is mentioned in the List all patchlevels are to be considered compatible and thus not mentioned.
  • Is unlikely that Zimbra Versions or Operating Systems marked as "Not Supported" will ever change this status
  • Operating Systems not officially supported by Zimbra Open Source Edition are to be considered as "Untested". Help requests about such systems will be set on LOW priority.
  • If you need to update your Zimbra version, please see Zimbra_Suite_Plus/Installation_Guide#Zimbra_Upgrade.

Compatibility Tables

Zimbra Versions

Zimbra Major Release: 8

Zimbra Version Supported Untested Not Supported

Operating Systems - both 32bit and 64bit

OS Supported Untested Not Supported
RHEL 7 / CentOS 7
RHEL 6 / CentOS 6
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Deprecated since ZCS 8.8.x)
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS O
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 O
Debian 5
Debian 4 O
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger ^2
Fedora 11 O
Fedora 7 O

ZAL Compatibility

Zimbra Suite Plus ZAL compatibility table

Zimbra Suite Plus Migration Tool ZAL compatibility table

ZCA Network Edition Appliance

Version Supported Untested Not Supported
ZCA 6+
ZCA 7+ (Beta)
ZCA 8+ O


^0: Support for all releases in the '6.x' series previous to 6.0.7 will be evaluated according to users' request.

^1: Due to a bug that caused Java crashes and machine reboots, version 6.11 has been updated to 6.12 after only a couple of days from release. Being so unstable, version 6.11 it's not supported by ZeXtras, and should not be used on production environemnts at all.

^2: Mac OSX 10.4 is not supported as Zimbra is phasing out 32bit support (more info) and future versions of Zimbra Open Source Edition will not be available for such platform.

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