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Zimbra Suite Plus - Changelog

Product Information

Latest Version:

Zimbra Suite Plus

Release Date:

Zimbra Suite Plus
July 14, 2020

Version 3.1.9


Title: Fixed and added more info to restore blobs command for notifications
Description: Now, after a restore blobs operation has been performed, the list of parameters is correctly displayed.

Title: Backup’s CLI doItemRestore accepts parameter in different forms
Description: Now the CLI accepts the account’s name or the account’s id as parameter

Title: Changed backupChatEnabled attribute default value to false
Description: Now, by default, the backup has been disabled.

Title: Added a new parameter to undelete command
Description: Now, with the undelete command is possible to restore deleted items in their original folder

Title: NullPointerException during purge with third party backup fixed
Description: Fixed a bug that prevented to complete the purge operation if third party backup on S3 is enabled

Title: doRestoreOnNewAccount command has been fixed
Description: Fixed issue that prevented restoring older deleted account when backup contains multiple accounts with the same name.

Title: Backup on external volume has been fixed
Description: Fixed the check if backup is migrated on a new bucket with the same credentials Fixed the creation of backup volume directly from migrate/set command


Title: doDeployClientZimlet download fixed
Description: Fixed a bug that was downloading the zimlet from a wrong path

Title: The doDeploy command’s error message has been improved with explanation
Description: Now, when doDeploy command fails, a message is displayed containing the error and the explanation

Title: GetAllOperations command has been fixed
Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the correct output from being displayed if no operations were running

Title: The display of the config status has been improved
Description: Now, in the case of out-of-sync nodes the config status reports the errors and the related causes


Title: Popup error if user clicks on preferences before complete zimlet load
Description: Popup error if a user clicks on preferences before complete Docs zimlet load


Title: Special characters in Drive file name fixed
Description: Now it is possible to save into Drive attachments that have a single quote in the name


Title: Shared folders file download fixed
Description: Fixed a bug that prevented attachments to be downloaded from emails in shared folders.

Title: EAS autocomplete honor zimbra contacts autocomplete settings
Description: When composing a new mail via EAS device, autocomplete on recipient address will search in local contact, GAL, or shared contacts, honoring Zimbra contacts settings (zimbraPrefSharedAddrBookAutoCompleteEnabled, A_zimbraPrefGalAutoCompleteEnabled)


Title: Fixed logs for mailbox purge command
Description: Fixed a bug that wrongly displayed the logs for mailbox purge command

Title: DoMailboxMove now returns an error for missing parameters
Description: Added an error that is shown when a user tries to perform a mailbox move operation by CLI without specifying any parameters or specifying the wrong ones.

Title: BulkDelete service fixed
Description: Fixed a bug that doesn’t retry failed deletions on the local file system


Title: Improved Instant Meeting UI
Description: Such a big UI improvement for Instant Meeting, with a new layout with grid-mode or cinema-mode, both with fullscreen available; see the list of who is speaking, use the push to talk feature or mute/unmute someone with microphone issues. Participants list is cleaner and more organized, you can cycle it if your meeting is large. Resizing the window will adjust automatically every ui component of the instant meeting. Instant Metting will remain open if the owner is still in there, otherwise if owner left and you’re the last user in there the Instant Meeting will close automatically.

Title: Mute notifications button added
Description: Added mute notifications button in one to one conversations, groups, spaces.

Title: Mute feature for conversations added
Description: It is now possible to mute the conversations, groups and spaces to avoid notifications.

Title: Meeting views on grid mode have been improved
Description: Now, during a meeting, a user can see if other users are talking, via the green border that appears in their panel

Title: Little tiles separation
Description: Stream components are more visible thanks to its margin

Title: Writing notification fixed in conversations
Description: If the connection with the server is lost while writing, the "is writing" notification will remain until logout. Now this has been fixed.

Title: Chat list filter has been improved
Description: Now, when the user clicks on the "chats" tab after filtering the chat list, the filter is reset

Title: Removed notifications for messages of join, left and kicked type on channels and spaces
Description: Removed notifications for messages from badge for channels and spaces in case someone joins, left or has been kicked out from a channel or space, only if these messages were received during the session

Title: A new button has been added to mini-chat for calls
Description: Added a new button on mini-chat header that allows you to call the other member/members who are part of the conversation

Title: A new button has been added to switch from the Connect tab to the related mini-chat
Description: Added a new button on conversation header that allows you to direct to the related mini-chat

Title: A new button has been added to switch from the mini-chat to the Connect tab
Description: Added a new button on mini-chat header that allows you to direct to the related conversation on the Connect tab

Title: Connect user search does not performs too many searches
Description: Check if Connect search do not performs too many searches

Title: Added copy in message menu
Description: Added copy functionality on bubble contextual menu

Title: Mailbox move must handle mute
Description: When mailbox move is performed, even mute conversation info should be moved

Title: GetHistory doesn’t show deleted messages
Description: GetHistory doesn’t show deleted messages

Title: Add papyrous as conversation background image
Description: Add papyrous as conversation background image

Title: Video Server installer differentiates Zimbra NE and OSE installation
Description: Now the Video Server installer provides the command to run to configure it both on Zimbra Network Edition and Zimbra Open Source Edition.

Title: Error with multi version cluster
Description: Exception is thrown when a user on a server using APIv9 create a conversation with a user on a server using APIv10

Title: Fixed janus calls bug on rooms
Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the calls in rooms to be started if these rooms are on a different server than the user’s.

Version 3.1.8


Title: Improved logging
Description: Added more information to the log when an invalid credential is used


Title: Missing Blob logging improvement
Description: Missing Blob log lines have been made more specific

Title: Coherency Check logic improvement
Description: Anomaly and error management logic in the Coherency Check has been improved.

Title: doStopAllOperation realtime scanner queue bugfix
Description: Due to a bug, pending RealTime Scanner operations were not properly cleared out from the operation queue by the doStopAllOperations command.

Title: Added backup of all ldap master host
Description: Fixed an issue with the command zxsuite core getnotification when a host was specified with --host


Title: Remote getnotification fix
Description: Fixed an issue with the command zxsuite core getnotification when a host was specified with --host


Title: Docs Sidebar View bugfix
Description: Due to some missing icons, the sidebar in Docs appeared broken.

Title: Docs logging improvement
Description: Docs logging has been made more verbose, now save operations are logged in /opt/zimbra/log/docs-server.log

Title: Docs idle/standby removal
Description: Docs no longer sets itself in idle/standby remaining ready to accept user interaction

Title: Docs document limit bugfix
Description: Fixed a bug that caused a 50 concurrent documents limit on the server’s side


Title: Added regex filtering to ABQ
Description: It is now possible to filter devices via RegEx through a dedicated ABQ command set.

Title: Eas 2.5 and Samsung allday calendar item fix
Description: Fixed an issue that would cause allday calendar events created or accepted on mobile to be moved to the day before if the device is Samsung or using an older eas version


Title: Powerstore cache improvements
Description: After a mailboxd failure or restard under heavy load, several partial blobs were left over in the cache.

Title: 'doMailboxMove` can now move mailboxless accounts
Description: The doMailboxMove is now capable to move accounts that lack a mailbox.

Title: Mailbox Move concurrency issue fixed
Description: Fixed a bug that caused mailbox moves to hang due to drive indexing being running on the same mailbox.


Title: doDeployTeamZimlet error line fix
Description: Fixed the error output appearing when the doDeployTeamZimlet fails, previously it was incorrectly refering to Drive

Title: Multiple VideoServers can now be used
Description: The hard limit on one VideoServer per infrastructure has been lifted. It is now possible to set up multiple VideoServer instances on the same infrastructure

Title: Messages longer than 4096 handling
Description: instant messages longer than 4096 characters are now truncated and no longer stay in queue

Title: Added # character to channels
Description: Channel names now have the character # in front of their name

Title: Edit message behavior improvement
Description: Edited messages, either in 1:1 conversations, groups, spaces or channels, are not resend if the content has not been changed

Title: Instant messaging interface font
Description: Fonts now honor the small-normal-large-verylarge value of the display font size option for the instant messaging features

Title: VideoServer installer improvements
Description: The VideoServer installer has been updated in order to avoid some corner cases that could cause the installation to fail.

Version 3.1.7


Title: "Password Label" arrow keys navigation
Description: Fixed a bug that caused the arrow keys not to work in the "Password Label" field when creating a new Auth password.

Title: Domain configuration warning disable option
Description: It is now possible to disable the domain warning if zimbraPubliService values have not been set.

Title: Account credential creation update
Description: It is now possible to create a user credential even if the zimbraPublicServiceHostname is not set if qrcode is set to false


Title: DoRestoreOnNewAccount feedback improvement
Description: Improved the output of doRestoreOnNewAccount operations, now if a non exixting source account is specified a correct output is returned


Title: i18n Updates (Core)
Description: i18n updates on Core modules


Title: Open in a new browser tab docs documents
Description: Docs documents are now opened in a new browser tab for improved usability


Title: i18n Updates (Drive)
Description: i18n updates on Drive


Title: Workaround to fix synchronization of recurring appointment created by Outlook for Mac
Description: Added a workaround to fix a an Outlook for Mac bug that causes recurring appointments to be created with bad recurrence metadata and thus not to sync to mobile devices via EAS.


Title: Volume removal performance improvement
Description: Improved the volume removal check so that when a volume is removed the sistem will check only once if there is data on that volume


Title: Connect infopanel improvement
Description: Connect infopanel layout has been refactored to improve usability

Title: Connect UI Refactoring
Description: Refactored several UI components to be more streamlined and usable

Title: Images in replies improvement
Description: Improved the arragment of images when replying to 1:1 conversation or group messages, now the list is no longer reversed

Title: Zimlet version copy added
Description: When using instant messaging functions it is now possible to copy the zimlet version just by clicking it.

Title: Space addowner fix
Description: Fixed an issue that would prevent the administrator to add space owners.

Title: Placeholder page on instant meetings loaded on mobile browser
Description: Instant meetings opened from received link on a mobile device caused the browser and endless load a web page. This was confusing for users and an UX/UI improvement was necessary.

Title: Message edit interface improvement
Description: Improved the edit function for messages in Connect that increases the editing section.

Title: Microphone/Webcam modal pop-up bugfix
Description: Fixed a bug that could cause the initial "Microphone/Webcam" modal to remain open when joining an Instant Meeting as an external guest.

Title: Fixed a logic loophole that allowed to forward forwarded messages
Description: It is no longer possible to forward forwarded messages in groups/spaces/channels and 1:1 conversations

Title: Forwarded message original sender improvement
Description: Messages forwarded in conversations/groups/spaces/channels now show who wrote the message even if the sender is not a contact.

Title: i18n Updates (Connect)
Description: i18n updates for Connect

Title: Quick access sidebar has been removed
Description: The Quick Access sidebar in the "Mail" view, which showed the most recent conversations and allowed to start chats, has been removed.

Version 3.1.6


Title: Cli commands date improvement
Description: Improved the output of the commands zxsuite auth, now returned dates are no longer in epoch format

Title: Auth credential backup improvement
Description: Improved the auth backup behavior, now credentials are added to the backup by the real time scanner instead of just the daily operation

Title: Auth saml output default settings change
Description: Changed the default output format of zxsuite auth saml get that is no longer json

Title: Auth commands improvements
Description: Improved zx auth saml commands, all is now the default key value

Title: Cli commands date improvement
Description: Improved the output of the commands zxsuite auth, now returned dates are no longer in epoch format

Title: Auth cli commands improvement
Description: Improved the examples returned by the zxsuite auth commands that now use generic names like domain.com and organization.name


Title: Restoreonnewaccount log improvement
Description: Improved the logs for restoreonnewaccount operations that no longer list entries regarding the delegated admin function, since those settings are not restored with this option.

Title: Bucket cli command improvement
Description: Improved the placement of bucket cli commands that are now under zxsuite core

Title: Backup path can change without restarting the mailboxd
Description: Backup can now handle the change of the backup path without restarting the mailboxd.


Title: Exchange ActiveSync malformed emails synchronization improvement
Description: Now the synchronization of the devices via EAS do not break when a message cannot be parsed by Zimbra.

Title: Appointment’s description on acceptance bug fixed
Description: A bug that made the description of an appointment to be cleared on accepting it via Exchange ActiveSync.

Title: Mobile shared folder bug fix
Description: Fixed an issue that would prevend mobile devices from syncing shared folders


Title: Missing Connect placeholder
Description: Text is now returned when the cursor is hovering over the Connect section of the menu

Title: Added scroll functionality to instant message replies
Description: It is now possible to scroll to the original message by clicking on the text attached to replies to instant messages

Title: Forwarded instant message visualization improvement
Description: Text of long forwarded instant messages is no longer cropped making it easier to read

Version 3.1.5


Title: Mobile password must be exclusive for EAS
Description: Fixed a bug that caused the account’s password to be usable for EAS synchronization even if a Mobile Password was set.

Title: Improved "Domain configuration missing" notification
Description: Auth’s "Domain configuration missing" notification will now ignore domain alias and be sent at most once a day


Title: Fixed typo in smartscan email log
Description: Added a missing hyphen in the "smarstcan completed" mail.

Title: Backup volume on S3 creation fixed
Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the backup volume to be correctly created if S3 credentals are passed to the command.


Title: Fixed drive startup switch
Description: Fixed an issue that would prevent an admin to disable drive at startup from the web admin console

Title: CLI commands input validation for email addresses
Description: Input validation has been added to CLI to warn the administrator when invalid email addresses are given.


Title: Sidebar hidden by default
Description: The sidebar is now hidden by default in Docs so the interface is more clear.

Title: Unauthenticated access to documents redirected
Description: The unauthenticated access to documents is now redirected to the login page.


Title: Fixed drive shares on distribution lists
Description: Fixed an issue that would prevent drive items to be shared to distribution lists

Title: Updated zimbraXverstion to 4.0.0
Description: Updated zimbraXVersion value in the com_zimbra_drive_modern zimlet manifest


Title: Follow-up flag improvement
Description: Changed the logic of FlagType so mail sent via Exchange ActiveSync will not automatically have the follow-up flag.

Title: All day events added to incorrect day fixed
Description: Fixed a bug with the timezone that made the all day events created via Exchange ActiveSync to be added to the day before instead of the correct one on the webmail.


Title: Deprecated drivesecondarystore value migration
Description: Added the automatic creation of an hsm rule to implement what was once done using the parameter driveSecondaryStore

Title: doCreateVolume command improved for centralized volumes
Description: doCreateVolume command improved to give the administrator feedback when run.

Title: Improved zxsuite online help
Description: Added further examples when invoking a docheckblobs operation without parameters


Title: Added Connect account status awareness
Description: Connectnow verifies if the account status is "maintenance" and if not send or receive further messages for it.

Title: Added Instant message functions
Description: Added Edit, Delete, Forward, Reply to to messages in conversations, groups, channels.

Title: [TSE] Ticket #36850, Case 01043426
Description: User Report for issue TEAMS-1977

Title: Connect loading screen Improvement
Description: Improved Connect opening screen, now an animation makes clear to the user that the application is loading

Title: Fixed instant message text cleanup
Description: Fixed an issue that would would not clean the instant message textbox of the minichat when the message was sent from the TEAM tab using the send button instead of enter

Title: Changed disable microphone behavior
Description: Changed the disable microphone behavio, now only the local device will be muted instead of all user’s devices

Title: Fixed minor graphic glitch
Description: Fixed an issue on Modern that would cause a modal window to have buttons incorrectly placed when creating a new instant meeting while another one is already running

Title: Fixed new instant meeting window buttons
Description: Fixed an issue that would prevent all abort button not to work when creating a new instant meeting while another one is already running

Title: Changed "Mute" behavior
Description: The "Mute" button has been changed to "Mute for all"

Title: Meeting screenshare termination fix
Description: Fixed an issue that would cause a screenshare to continue after closing the group/space/channel/instant meeting window

Title: Screen sharing avatar behavior improvement
Description: Improved the screen sharing avatar placement so that it no longer makes the screen sharing function difficult to use

Title: Fixed download concurrency issue
Description: Fixed an issue that would cause video conferences and instant messaging to be unavailable for a few seconds while mail attachments are downloaded

Version 3.1.4


Title: Account deletion logging improvement
Description: Improved logging of account deletion operation that caused non-relevant lines to be logged when backup service is running but not initialized

Title: External Restore backward compatibility improvement
Description: Restoring data from backups made on very old releases now correctly import tag data

Title: Added chat backup disable option
Description: It is now possible to disable the chat backup from the scheduled operation

Title: Improved restore date handling
Description: A more readable error is returned when a restore is attempted specifying a date from before the account was first backed up

Title: Fixed doExport admin mail
Description: Fixed the value of the backup export directory returned in the operation log mail received by the administrator

Title: Added support for backup to external volume
Description: It is now possible to use an external volume, for example an s3 bucket, as store for backup data


Title: Core page inaccessible with expired license fix
Description: Fixed an issue that would make the core section of the zextras menu unusable with an expired license


Title: Docs codebase udate
Description: Upgraded libreoffice component to version 4.2.6

Title: Added Roboto font to Docs
Description: Added the Roboto Font to Docs

Title: Fixed Safari compatibility issue
Description: Fixed an issue that would prevent DOCS from opening, returning a security error


Title: Added Drive maintenance mode handling
Description: Drive now no longer shows items shared by an account in maintenance mode

Title: Fixed Drive last version editor error
Description: Fixed an issue that would cause an error to pop up if a user had a drive object last edited by another user that no longer exists

Title: Improved deleted user handling in version
Description: Improved Drive version list so that if a user that edited a file is deleted now "deleted user" is listed in the versions list

Title: Fixed drive shared folder handling
Description: Fixed an issue that would rend impossible to users to upload files to drive in a shared folder located on a different host

Title: Drive public share Fix
Description: Fixed an issue that would cause an error to be returned when opening the link of a public shared object


Title: Appointment acceptation date/time fix
Description: On accepting an appointment via Exchange ActiveSync, its date and time changed to the ones of the acceptation. Now this has been fixed.

Title: Added mobile custom zimbraId handling
Description: Added support on Mobile for accounts having custon zimbraID uuid

Title: Mobile password management removed from the Admin GUI
Description: The mobile password management has been removed from the Admin GUI to be compliant with the new multiple mobile password management.

Title: Mobile calendar location parameters fix
Description: Fixed an issue that would prevend calendar syncronization if a location was set and some fields were not compiled

Title: Mobile mail sender improvement
Description: Improved behavior of mobile module that now predictably uses the main address as sender when personas are configured

Title: Mobile device list Fix
Description: Fixed an issue that would prevent the mobile section of the web admin console to show the list of mobile devices


Title: S3 volume connections handling improvement
Description: Improved s3 code to reduce the number of http(s) calls to a minimum


Title: Webcam enabling on screen share ending fixed
Description: Fixed the behaviour of the instant meeting that enabled the webcam after a screen sharing session during an instant meeting even if it was disabled before starting the screen share session.

Title: Added status and avatar unset configuration
Description: It is now possible to edit the user status and unset the avatar picture in the instant messaging settings

Title: Instant meeting creation Improvement
Description: When a new instant meeting is created while another one is running all fields now appear empty

Title: Improved connection issue notification
Description: A message is clearly shown when instant messaging is not possible due to connection issues

Title: Added Turkish translation to Team
Description: Instant messaging interface now has Turkish translation

Title: Drive public share Fix
Description: Fixed an issue that would cause an error to be returned when opening the link of a public shared object

Version 3.1.3


Title: CoherencyCheck stopping procedure fixed
Description: Now the Coherency Check stops without checking server configurations if stop is sent before the check starts.

Title: Restore operation now preserve folders' colors
Description: Colors of folders are now preserved while restoring from an external source.

Title: Fixed restore of Drive revisions
Description: A bug that prevented the current version of a Drive document to be correctly restored in an external restore has been fixed.

Title: Restore operation now preserves keep forever attribute in Drive
Description: The "keep forever" attribute of Drive file versions is now preserved on external restore.

Title: Improve restore drive share loglines
Description: Improved restore operation loglines for drive shares so that no longer point to "new target"


Title: Notification panel redesign
Description: Based on customers' inquiries, the notifications' list and the operations' queue in the zimbraAdmin have been completely redesigned to be more clear and and easily usable by admins.


Title: Improve deleted shared drive items handling
Description: Drive shared items are now shown as striked in "shared with me" instead of being listed in the trash folder

Title: A new command shows Drive quotas
Description: Upon customers' inquiry, a new CLI command has been added to read the Drive quotas.


Title: getAllDevices now supports multiserver environments
Description: You can now use the getAllDevices command to ask the devices list to all store servers.

Title: Fixed attachments in recurring appointments exceptions
Description: A bug that prevented the attachments in exceptions of recurring appointments to be downloaded has been fixed.

Title: Calendar attachment deletion fixed
Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the calendar attachments to be deleted from synchronized devices.


Title: Centralized volumes as secondary store
Description: Centralized volumes now inherit the type on all the servers, if the centralized volume on the main server is created as secondary volume, then the centralized volumes that derive from it in other servers will be secondary too.

Title: DoCheckBlobs orphaned mailbox handling improvement
Description: Improved orphaned mailbox handling so that DoCheckBlobs no longer returns an error when one is found

Title: Moveblobs log improvement
Description: Moveblobs log no longer contain a Dumpster log line if dumpster items were not included in the hsm policy


Title: Improved sharing link for instant meetings
Description: Links for joining instant meetings have been improved to easier share them avoiding errors.

Title: Improved synchronization of Team’s database
Description: Now the Team nodes bulk insert users when populating rooms between different Team nodes

Title: Move room errors fixed
Description: A bug that prevented the error messages to be logged when moving a single room between stores in a multiserver environment has been fixed.

Title: Unused rooms cleared daily
Description: A scheduler now cleans daily the Team rooms left without any member.

Title: Improved Group name handling
Description: Group names no longer trigger an error during a file upload if their name contains characters that cannot be handled by drive

Title: Team loading splash screen added
Description: A splash screen will be shown to the users while Team is loading.

Title: Improved Instant meeting creation
Description: When choosing to create a new instant meeting an option is now given to the user that must decide between creating a new one while terminating the existing one or abort the operation

Title: Anonymous user cleanup from room fix
Description: Fixed an issue that would cause certain anonymous users to be removed from rooms after 1 hour

Title: User status truncated at 256 chars length
Description: The setStatus handler now truncates the user status at 256 chars length to be compliant with the Team API.

Title: Instant meetings' and spaces' topic added on invite email
Description: To avoid Zimbra grouping invites to instant meetins and spaces, the topic has been added to the mail’s subject.

Version 3.1.2


Title: Improved backup feedback on web console
Description: A better warning is returned in the web admin console if there are issues with the backup directory (backup damaged, disk full, etc)

Title: Bug preventing files revisions' metadata to be created in backup fixed
Description: Metadata were not properly created in the backup by the Real Time Scanner for Briefcase’s files' revisions while they was by the Smart Scan. Now also the Real Time Scanner correctly creates metadata for revisions.

Title: Backup GetAvailableAccounts count fix
Description: Fixed an issue that would cause incorrect list of available accounts from the backup when an account was deleted and then restored with the same name

Title: Coherency check fixBackup can now handle Drive missing blobs
Description: The coherency check with fixBackup flag set to true can now handle Drive’s missing blobs.

Title: doRestoreOnNewAccount fails when user has zimbraPrefWhenInFolderIds pointing to a shared subfolder
Description: Fixed a NullPointer exception error in resolving the foler’s account owner since maps are not available during that stage of the operation

Title: Backup exports now filter disabled cos
Description: Coses removed from backup will no longer be included in backup exports

Title: External restore now restores Drive’s shares
Description: The external restore operation now restores the Drive’s shared resources too. The doFixShares operation can also handle different type of serialized maps to be compatible with mapped id’s from Drive.


Title: Improved server-to-server connection handling
Description: Every time the DataStoreServiceAccessor performs an operation a new connection is created and closed. This slows down cluster synchronization by a substantial amount. Replace this with a permanent connection which will be initialized and closed with the DataStoreServiceAccessor lifecycle.


Title: Docs memory check fix
Description: Fixed an issue that caused incorrect output values for totalAvailableMemory and usedMemory of the command zxsuite docs status


Title: Added a parameter to configure Outlook EAS filter
Description: Now the default Outlook EAS filter could be modified with ZxMobile_MaxOutlookVersion parameter to customize the EAS version used by Outlook clients.

Title: "No such folder id: 0" error on search
Description: A bug caused mobile searches to return an error when searching for a string that returns no result.

Title: Reactions to invites from mobile devices fixed
Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the reactions sent from mobile devices to be displayed in the details of the appointment.

Title: Samsung EAS16 sync loop workaround
Description: Samsung devices could enter a loop when using EAS16 if an invalid email address is saved in a draft.

Title: Recurring appointments' attachments bugfixes
Description: Fixed three bugs that prevented the attachments to be properly synchronized in recurring appointments on an invite.

Title: Completed tasks sync bug fixed
Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the completed tasks to be correctly synchronized via EAS.

Title: Fixed a bug that could cause all appontiment attendees to receive a "Appointment Deleted" notification when one attendee declined the invite from a mobile device.
Description: Fixed a bug that could cause all appontiment attendees to receive a "Declined" notification when one attendee declined the invite from a mobile device.


Title: Improved doVolumeToVolumeMove reliability when orphaned mailboxes are present
Description: The doVolumeToVolumeMove operation often failed when the server had orphaned mailboxes. Issues regarding orphaned/missing mailboxes are now properly handled and logged.

Title: Misleading reports removed from doVolumeToVolumeMove operation
Description: When running a doVolumeToVolumeMove operation, the count of source blobs' deletions can show misleading numbers in lazy deleting file systems, so the confirmation has been removed.

Title: Added incorrectly compressed digest handling
Description: Docheckblobs operations with fix_incorrect_compresset digests flag set to true now verify if the digest is calculated on the compressed blob even if the blob is not and fixes it.a

Title: Moving a mailbox with empty Drive document fixed
Description: Solved a bug that prevented a mailbox containing an empty Drive document to be properly moved to another mailboxd.


Title: WebSocket stability improvement
Description: In order to improve stabilty on slow connections, a delay has been added between the disconnect of a client and the closing of the related WebSocket

Title: UX Improvements when connection issues are experienced
Description: Sometimes, in case of connection issues, the same message is displayed multiple times in the chat. When the client is refreshed, the additional copies disappear.

Title: Chat sidebar graphical fix
Description: Fixed a bug that caused the Zimbra components in the top bar to shift upward when the icons in the chat sidebar exceedes the height of the screen.

Version 3.1.1


Title: Improved restore operation error handling
Description: Improved restore operation so that it will complete even if any Drive’s blob is missing from the backup.

Title: Improved Restore Operation Feedback
Description: Improved restore operation operation log, now restored/unrestored/skipped zimbra and drive items are counted both on undelete and restoreonnewaccount operations


Title: Removed case sensitiveness to mobile device list
Description: Hostname checks are no longer case sensitive for the list of user mobile devices in the web admin panel, this would prevent admins to edit users settings


Title: Removed incorrect "too many open documents" error
Description: There is no longer a warning where more than 50 documents are opened at the same time


Title: Fixed PDF scrolling bug on Firefox
Description: Fixed a bug where opening a PDF file using the Firefox browser the page wouldn’t scroll using the keyboard

Title: Removed "Save into Drive" option for mail-type attachment
Description: The option to save into Drive for mail-type attachment was removed

Title: Drive file versioning window improvement
Description: Minor graphical improvement regarding the spacing between text and icon in the first line of the drive file versioning window


Title: Mobile invalid address handling improvement
Description: Implemented a workaround for mobile devices that do not validate destination accounts that would end up in a loop when sending mails with invalid addresses.

Title: Blank Bcc field stripped from email in mobile devices
Description: Fixed a bug that showed a blank Bcc field in mobile devices when the recipient is in Bcc


Title: Added log line on docheckblobs item deletion
Description: Added a log line for the docheckblobs whenever an item is removed by missing_blob_delete_item option

Title: Implemented double compression handling
Description: Docheckblobs operations now fix double compressed items if check_incorrect_compressed_digests is set to true


Title: Start a new instant meeting from new conversations
Description: Now users can start a new instant meeting from a new conversation without having written a single message first

Title: Instant meeting ringing handling improved
Description: Improved the handling of rings on instant meeting calls. Now the ringing in web browser stops when user answer the call from a the mobile app

Title: Instant message duplication on connection loss
Description: If connections from the server are dropped during a conversation messages gets duplicated as they kept being resend while the connection is down

Title: Added move room between hosts feature
Description: It is now possible to move groups/spaces/channels between hosts

Title: Data are being preserved while creating new instant meetings
Description: While creating a new instant meeting, you can now switch tabs without losing the data already inserted.

Title: Team and Drive hidden in mobile browsers
Description: Team and Drive have been hidden from mobile browsers because users can use the relative mobile apps

Title: Fixed multiple preview_ready websocket messages
Description: A bug that sent multiple "preview_ready" messages via WebSocket while uploading an image in a conversation has been fixed. Now only one message is sent when the preview is ready.

Title: Fixed conversation GUI issue on Firefox
Description: Fixed a issue that would present itself on Firefox, where opening a conversation the user interface would brake

Version 3.1.0


Title: Itemrestore logs improvements
Description: Restore log lines now specify the primary address of the restored item’s account

Title: Missing digests reported in backup coherency check
Description: Fixed a bug that prevented missing digests to be reported in the backup coherency check.

Title: RestoreOnNewAccount domain creation fix
Description: Fixed a bug that caused a domain to be undeleted when running a dorestoreonnewaccount operation recovering an account from a deleted domain.

Title: HSM service mandatory for restore operation
Description: RestoreBlob operations now require the HSM module to be running, otherwise an error is returned

Title: Restore account with deleted COS fixed
Description: Fixed a bug that caused the restore on a new account to fail when the assigned COS was deleted.


Title: Made CLI parameters and attribute names case-insensitive
Description: Parameters and attribute names are now recognized with any capitalization to improve CLI usability

Title: No more false unknown logins in admin panel reported
Description: Fixed a bug that caused false unknown logins to be reported in the monthly report relative to admins activities.

Title: Added admin interface translations
Description: Admin interface has been translate into Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, and Hindi.


Title: Several minor drive import improvements
Description: Logging has been improved for doImportBriefcase operations: user details for each line, exceptions are listed, the number of accounts is listed, a final report has been added and a missing account is no longer a blocking condition

Title: Fixed drive Cyrillic fonts handling on download
Description: Fixed an issue that mangled the filename of drive items on download when Cyrillic fonts were present

Title: Completed translation for Drive’s docs menu entries
Description: Docs related menu entries under the drive tab have all been translated

Title: Made Drive panel similar between classic and modern
Description: Done some graphical review of Drive panel to make it very similar between classic and modern GUI.

Title: Info button in Drive search views fixed
Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the info button to be clickable in search views, these comprehend the default views (starred, shared by me, shared with me and Trash views).

Title: Versions' Upload and Purge buttons disabled in view only shares
Description: Purge and Upload buttons remained enabled in versioning for view only shares. Now, this has been fixed.

Title: Improved versioning description
Description: The versioning description is now independent of the retention time and the number of versions to keep.

Title: Removed meaningless drive menu entry
Description: The Drive move menu entry has been removed for "shared with me" items


Title: Check_digests implicit for fix_incorrect_compressed_digests
Description: It is no longer necessary to specify check_digests true when fix_incorrect_compressed_digests is also true

Title: Fixed missing text on web admin interface
Description: The command for viewing the current moveblobs operation is now returned when a mailboxmove operation is launched from the web interface

Title: Fixed customs3 bucket migration issue
Description: Fixed an issue that would not add storeType CUSTOM_S3 to custom buckets configuration when upgrading to the new bucket management if a custom_s3 bucket and at least one swift or openIO volume is present


Title: Missing Safari notifications fix
Description: Fixed on-screen notifications that were missing in safari

Title: Provide a relative path for WebSocket and v7 API
Description: Team login now provides a relative local path for WebSockets and version 7 of the API

Title: Graphical improvements for emoji selector
Description: Made the emoji selector more harmonious

Title: Added scrollbars to instant messaging elements
Description: Scrollbars are available to view all the elements available in the interface.

Title: Improved instant message length limit management
Description: It should not be possible to insert more than 4096 characters in an instant message (previously it was possible to do so but it would have been truncated)

Title: Improved add participants view
Description: The avatar icon has been added to the add participants view of the instant meetings

Title: Improved send message icon
Description: The icon used to send instant messages should switch from an airplane to a clip depending if the text has been inserted in the textbox

Title: Added empty message handling
Description: It should not possible to send an instant message made only of empty space

Title: Improved notifications of read messages
Description: The notifications of read messages now show who has read the messages in groups, spaces, and instant meetings.

Title: Improved user details section
Description: Improved the user details section of one on one conversations where the user’s name was truncated too early

Title: Completed translations of user’s settings
Description: The device settings of the user’s settings section are now translated

Title: Added translation for file description
Description: Added translation for the file description when attaching a file to an instant message

Title: Removed end meeting notification
Description: The end meeting message does no longer trigger a notification

Title: Updated translations for new graphics
Description: Translations have been extended and now all elements for audio/video meetings are translated

Version 3.0.11


Title: Improved restore of contacts groups.
Description: Now the external restore can restore all the contacts groups in the accounts even if the restore operation is interrupted before all the accounts have been scanned.

Title: Improved doCoherencyCheck memory management.
Description: Improved doCoherencyCheck memory management, now it keeps only the exception message instead of the complete stack trace.

Title: Recover nonexisting domain acconts only on doExternalRestore
Description: Allow only external restore operations to recover accounts that do not belong to any domain present on this host.

Title: Account Id reference in undelete logs.
Description: Added account id reference in undelete log lines in mailbox.log to simplify the debug operations.

Title: Added doRestoreBlobs id check.
Description: The command zxsuite backup doRestoreBlobs now checks if the volume id is valid and returns an error if the check fails.

Title: Fixed restore of accounts that sent attachments in a conversation
Description: Fixed a restore issue that would terminate a restore operation before recovering conversations if the use sent attachments in at least one conversation


Title: Add new restore limit on Trial
Description: Removed the possibility to restore a backup from a different infrastructure using the trial license


Title: Support for Drive file versioning added in Docs
Description: Docs can now open a specific version of the file from Drive.

Title: Documents editiing from briefcase fixed
Description: Editing documents from the briefcase if the default domain is not set has been fixed


Title: Added translations to the drive interface
Description: Added translations for * Portuguese * French * German * Italian * Spanish * Dutch

Title: Added version control for files in Drive
Description: Drive now implements file versions handling.

Title: Added option to attach multiple files from drive
Description: Implemented the possibility to attach multiple files in an e-mail directly from Drive

Title: Handled NO_SUCH_ACCOUNT error on Drive share
Description: If a user tries to create a new share to an external email address in Drive, now a popup with an error message is shown instead of the full stack trace

Title: Fixed missing icon for edit with docs menu entry
Description: Edit with docs menu entry in Drive was missing an icon from both the context menu and info panel

Title: Fixed drive search lists using browser zoom
Description: Fixed an issue that would display only the first 30 results when searching drive items while the browser zoom setting is close to 70%

Title: Improved drive scrollbar management
Description: Improved scrollbar management when enabling/disabling the info panel in drive


Title: Improved flag management on mobile clients
Description: Improved flag management to remove the risk of conflict between web client and eas client mail flag updates

Title: Fixed last login time from mobile
Description: The user’s last login in LDAP was incorrectly set due to incorrect timezone

Title: Implemented anti-dos filter for mobile
Description: Implemented anti-dos service for mobile devices. The number of requests is counted within a time window and if the device crosses the threshold, it is jailed for a specified duration.

Title: Invalid values of WeekOfMonth in calendar appointments handled
Description: Invalid values of WeekOfMonth field are now handled in Exchange ActiveSync synchronization of calendar appointments


Title: Improved doCheckBlobs log output
Description: Improved doCheckBlobs command output so that an account is listed only once

Title: Improved doCheckblob memory management
Description: Improved doCheckBlobs command, resetting the list of checked files after each mailbox to reduce memory usage

Title: Added mailboxmove target volume selection
Description: Implemented the option to choose a target volume for mailboxmove for both mail and drive items

Title: Manage error when threshold reached
Description: Continue with another policy when an HSM policy’s destination volume has reached the space threshold

Title: Improved missing secondary store error output
Description: doMoveBlobs now return a "Secondary store not set" error when an HSM policy is run but no secondary store is set

Title: Added dumpster missing blob check on mailbox move
Description: Dumpster items during mailbox move operations are now verified for missing blobs

Title: Fixed region values for command-line s3 bucket commands
Description: Fixed a description mismatch for s3 bucket region between command line and web admin interface

Title: Improved handling of incorrect Blobs
Description: doChecBlobs operations, if check_digests true fix_incorrect_compressed_digests true are specified will verify if a blob has been compressed twice and will fix that


Title: Added translations to the TEAM/Connect interface
Description: Added translations for * Portuguese * French * German * Italian * Spanish * Dutch

Title: External participants status fix
Description: Fixed an issue that would show all external participants of an instant meeting as offline

Title: Added gal searches when an internal user is sending invitations for an existing instant meeting
Description: Implemented gal searches in the add participants function in existing instant meetings for internal users

Title: Implemented new user interactions in Connect
Description: User interactions have been improved and newly implemented. It is now possible to silence other participants, disable other participants' video, the same can be done on your own and disabled streams are shown with an explicit icon

Title: Users can now choose how to join meetings
Description: Now users can choose if activate or not the webcam and the microphone on joining a meeting

Title: Graphical restyle in Team’s messages
Description: Messages' bubbles have been cleaned up to use space in a better way

Title: Groups icon added
Description: Now pictures can be set as an icon in Team groups to identify them more easily

Title: Removed webcam requirement
Description: Removed the requirement of having both a webcam and a microphone to start an audio stream

Title: Update to Instant Meeting behavior when host leaves
Description: Improved user experience when the host leaves an Instant Meeting.

Title: Added translations for instant meetings' external access
Description: Translations have been added for the pages shown to external users joining instant meetings

Title: Minichat layout restyling
Description: Minichat size was increased and the header was rebuilt

Title: Improved profile picture management
Description: Improved profile picture management so that profile pictures are always centered and not repeated

Title: Improved instant messaging text area
Description: Improved instant messaging compose area so that it extends to up to half of the screen height and the emoji panel does not cover it

Title: Updated Translations
Description: Update translations for * German * Hindi * Indonesian * Thai * Chinese

Title: Improved add participants text visibility
Description: Improved text visibility when adding participants to instant meetings, changing the text color from white to black

Version 3.0.10


Title: doCoherencyCheck now fixes "missing CoS" erorrs
Description: Running the doCoherencyCheck operation with the fixBackup option now also fixes "CoS not found" errors that may happen after a migration.

Title: Improved backup output on failed restore
Description: Improved output when a doRestoreOnNewAccount failed becouse backup data was not available on the current server for the source account.

Title: Fixed dynamic distribution lists restore bug
Description: On restoring dynamic distribution lists from a backup, Zimbra ids of old items were not replaced with the new ids. Now ids are correctly updated on restoring the lists.

Title: Improved Purge error handling (missing digest)
Description: When encountering a metadata file without a digest value, the backup purge will now simply log an error at the debug level and proceed.


Title: Delegated admin NG migration fix
Description: Fixed an issue that prevented delegated admin setting migration to NG if some delegated admin were only deleted from LDAP (for example zmprov -l da #adminaccount)


Title: Drive directory download bugfix
Description: Fixed a bug that could cause zip file corruption when downloading a large directory from Drive.

Title: Added scroll bar for public access folders in Drive
Description: To make the file browsing easier to users when accessing a Drive share with a lot of files as a public user, a scroll bar has been added.

Title: Drive upload button graphic glitch fix
Description: Fixed some minor graphical issues with drive’s upload button (hover rule not working, bottom border)


Title: Mobile getdeviceinfo output fix
Description: Fixed the output of the command zxsuite mobile getdeviceinfo that mismatched values and descriptions (e.g. language was returned instead of OS)

Title: Enable/Disable task synchronization
Description: The zimbraFeatureTaskEnabled at COS/Account level now defines whether Tasks are synchronized via EAS or not.

Title: EAS 16.1 out of beta
Description: EAS 16.1 is now officially supported, the default max EAS version has been changed to "16.1" accordingly.


Title: Improved doPurgeMailboxes mail notification
Description: Improved the e-mail sent to the admin after a doPurgeMailboxes command, now listing detailed information for each mailbox purged

Title: Drive blobs compression behavior improvement
Description: New drive blobs will now honor Powerstore compression settings

Title: Implement bucket management cli commands
Description: Basic bucket management commands - create list update delete - are implemented and available from the command line

Title: Command output improvements
Description: Below commands now return the monitor command too.

  • DoAccountScan
  • DoCheckShares
  • DoCoherencyCheck
  • DoExternalRestore
  • DoCheckBlobs
  • DoDeduplicate
  • DoMoveBlobs
  • DoVolumeToVolumeMove
  • DoPurgeMailboxes
  • DoRemoveOrphanedBlobs

Title: FileDescriptor leak on blob move operations fix
Description: Fixed a bug that could cause a file descriptor leak when running any operation that moved blobs between volumes with the same compression settings targeting a volume with a large number of files.

Title: MailboxMove notifications improvement
Description: The mailboxmove notification e-mail sent to the admin now lists also the accounts that were not moved


Title: Improved handling of loss of connection
Description: Previously the loss of the WebSocket connection would cause the loss of all pending messages, now the Zimlet retries to send the pending messages every 10 seconds.

Title: Instant meeting invitation email fix
Description: Fixed a bug that caused the icon in the invitation email to disappear and show only a grey square

Title: Zimbra Drive/Connect Translations - First Batch - Beta
Description: First batch of Zimbra Drive and Connect UI translations (FR, JP, NL)

Title: Instant Meeting message timestamp fix
Description: Fixed a bug the caused Instant Meeting chat messages' timestamps to be always in UTC instead of following the client’s settings.

Title: Screen share feature improvements
Description: Screen share feature rewritten so that it no longer requires the chrome plugin and is available on the modern interface.

Title: Instant Meeting invite improvements
Description: Instant Meeting invite emails are now sent to all participants, including internal users.

Version 3.0.9


Title: Missing dynamic DL attributes in restore
Description: Fixed a bug that caused the restore of dynamic distribution lists not to update the owner’s and member’s UUID

Title: Unrestored Task item during doExternalRestore Description: NO_SUCH_BLOB error restoring a very large task from an external backup

Title: Cannot restore accounts from deleted domains
Description: Accounts from deleted domains are not a valid Restore on New Account and Restore Deleted Account target and thus must not appear in the restorable accounts list.

Title: Double compression applied to backup items
Description: Items from compressed volumes were wrongly compressed twice when being written to the backup


Title: "Start" parameter mandatory for commands without mandatory parameters
Description: Make the start parameter mandatory for operations that don’t require mandatory parameters.

Title: Fix a LOOL bug that could cause file corruption
Description: During the investigation on another issue, we found a LOOL bug that could seldom cause file corruption on XLSX spreadsheets. While unable to reproduce it, we applied a workaround.


Title: Void editing shares to users without the right permissions
Description: Hide the edit share dialog to users who cannot edit the share permissions

Title: Missing drive en_us translation file
Description: Translation file for Drive is missing for American English

Title: Public shares are not localized
Description: Public shares web pages are not localized based on the browser’s language

Title: Public shares don’t correctly decode Unicode strings
Description: Unicode characters are not correctly displayed in public shares pages

Title: "Invalid row count DB error" when saving an attachment to drive
Description: Saving an attachment in Drive while creating a new Drive folder raises an invalid row count DB error

Title: File Creation error if the extension is changed
Description: New file is not created if the file extension is edited while choosing a file name

Title: Mime-type of Drive files is set by the backend whenever possible
Description: Mime types of files uploaded to drive are now defined by the file extension. These extensions - mime type pairs are defined in a backend map. If the extension is not registered within our map, the mime type sent by the client will be taken.

Title: Cannot navigate in-home attaching file from Drive. Description: Attaching drive element from an email cannot navigate in-home again if Zimbra Drive breadcrumb is clicked

Title: Sharing a folder freezes the browser
Description: Sharing a folder with at least 20 accounts makes the browser freeze.

Title: Improve the load speed of large PDF files
Description: Opening a large pdf causes UI to freeze for some time

Title: "Copy link" broken in Firefox
Description: "Copy link" broken in Firefox


Title: Custom messages in ABQ
Description: Allow admins to customize and localize ABQ messages

Title: UI for "account only" remote wipe
Description: Permit an account-only remote wipe via UI

Title: Null Pointer Exception when editing calendars
Description: An exception is thrown when editing appointments while not being its owner, causing the event to be duplicated.

Title: Attachments with double quotes
Description: Emails with attachments containing double quotes in the filename return an error

Title: EAS16 iOS calendar appointments fix
Description: Fixed a bug that caused appointment start time to be changed when accepting an invitation from an iOS device using EAS16.


Title: Split the HSM Cache directory to improve performances
Description: The cache directory is now split into multiple subdirectories whose name is based on the last two characters of the items contained in there.

Title: New options to handle Drive Previews
Description: Added the delete_drive_previews boolean options to the doDeleteVolume and doMoveVolume.

doDeleteVolume with delete_drive_previews set to true (default) → delete the volume even if there are previews. You cannot delete the Drive Current Primary Volume

doVolumeToVolumeMove with delete_drive_previews set to true (default) → delete previews from source volume only if the source is not the Drive Current Primary Volume

Title: make doDeleteVolume operation unique and unqueueable
Description: Make the doDeleteVolume operation unique, avoid multiple executions and queues

Title: Unexpected blobs not detected if the backup path is not initialized
Description: The doCheckBlobs operation will not find any unexpected blob if the backup path is not initialized

Title: Mailbox Move Fails At DB Stage
Description: A string encoding/decoding issue is causing some Mailbox Move operations to fail because of an "Underlying input stream returned zero bytes" error

Title: Manage items on invalid locator
Description: The doCheckBlobs operation should list the items that appear to be on a non existing volume

Title: Drive blobs Restorable by doRestoreBlobs Description: Add possibility to select which item type should be restored in a dorestoreblobs operation

Title: Add flag to handle only drive/zimbra items to doCheckBlobs command
Description: Add possibility to select which item type shoul be checked in a docheckblobs operation

Title: Mailboxmove skip restored blobs
Description: When moving a compressed blob to a compressed volume the blob is compressed twice


Title: Addes "Team Cross Domain Search Mode" config to admin interface
Description: Added "Cross-Domain Search Mode" config to admin interface at the account, COS, and Global level

Title: Anonymous contacts included in only_internal searches
Description: There was an error on the backend side which returned external auto contacts when the query was empty and only_internal was set to true in every search mode.

Title: Video issues in IM sessions with multiple attendees
Description: During an IM session where participants are three or more if one of them disconnects the other participants' video also fails

Title: Google app store opens when canceling screen share
Description: When a screen share is aborted Google Play Store opens up on the plugin’s page

Title: Inconsistent scroll on space info view
Description: On the Space info view, the scrolls on the panel are inconsistent. The external and the participants' scrolling have different sizes and lead to hiding a part of the participants' lists.

Title: Instant meeting unexpected connection restart
Description: Fixed a bug that caused instant meeting connection to restart when switching to the TEAM tab and choosing the instant meeting on the left sidebar

Title: Channel "new message" notifications have been disabled
Description: A standard Web Client notification won’t be triggered anymore when a new message arrives on a subscribed Channel, only 1:1 and Group "new message" notifications are now displayed.

Title: Allow incoming meeting notifications for group / space / channel / instant meeting
Description: The "ringing" notification has been extended to Group meetings, Channel meetings, and Instant Meetings

Version 3.0.8


Title: DoCheckBlobs issue with blobless backup
Description: Fixed a bug that caused deleted items to be listed as unexpected blobs when using the blob-less backup.

Title: ExternaRestore input_file parameter added
Description: The new input_file parameter allows users to use a file containing a list of accounts as the account list for the external restore.

Title: Only one External Restore operations can be running at any time
Description: Fixed a bug that caused the backup core to be able to start multiple External Restore operations at the same time.


Title: Notification "Details" button in Admin Console does not open
Description: Fixed a bug that caused the "Details" button under the Notifications/Operation Queue list in the "General" section of the NG Administration Zimlet to be ineffective.

Title: "New volume" wizard fix
Description: Fixed an issue that caused the New Volume wizard to allow the creation of non-local volumes even if the cache/incoming directories didn’t exist.


Title: Docs Zimlet exception if keyboard shortcuts are disabled in the WebClient
Description: Docs Zimlet returns an error when keyboard shortcuts are disabled.


Title: Attaching a file to an email via drive modal does not paginate file list
Description: List of files to add as an attachment from Drive doesn’t show completely if scrolling is needed.

Title: Saving some PDF attachments to Drive silently fails. Description: Fixed a bug that prevented some attachments (such as pdf files) not to be saved to Drive when clicking ‘Save to Drive’, with no error being returned to the user.

Title: Drive item context menu out of bounds
Description: Fixed a bug that made the context menu unusable when right-clicking an item near the bottom of the screen.

Title: Symbol "=" in Drive share URLs
Description: The "=" symbol in Drive public share URLs is not correctly handled by some browsers.

Title: Drag and Drop not working in Drive
Description: After a refactor, Drag and Drop from local files stopped working.

Title: Improved Drive data stream management and AWS SDK update. Description: The AWS SDK library used for third-party volumes was updated to sort out some stream leaks and a logic improvement has been applied to avoid PAPIStreamConnectionError com.zextras.lib.ZELinkStream in writeStream errors.

Title: File previews not available
Description: Fixed an issue that prevented the preview of documents sent via the Team to be properly displayed.


Title: MDM ApplicationList properties fix
Description: Fixed an issue that prevented the UnapprovedInROMApplicationList and ApprovedApplicationList MDM fields to be properly sent to devices.

Title: Fixed Montevideo timezone issue
Description: Montevideo was not correctly synced between Zimbra and mobile devices.

Title: Added AttachmentEnabled attribute and account-only wipe
Description: Added the policy to block the attachments via EAS and the possibility to wipe only the account from the mobile device.

Title: CONTENT-DISPOSITION headers are now parsed for attachment names. Description: Since some mobile clients rely on the content-disposition MIME header to identify attachment names, such a header is now parsed.

Title: Performance optimization on Volume-to-Volume BLOB moves when both volumes reside on the same third-party storage
Description: Avoid moving data back and forth between Zimbra host and s3 store when executing a doVolumeToVolumeMove operation on volumes in the same bucket.

Title: Added Alibaba S3 compatibility
Description: Volumes can now be created on Alibaba S3 buckets.

Title: Wrong number of unexpected blobs due to wrong filename parsing
Description: Fixed a parsing bug that could cause the doCheckBlobs operation to return a wong number of unexpected blobs.


Title: Basic users can see the "Add Participant" button in a group even if they are not allowed to add participants
Description: Basic users can see the add participant button inside groups but receive the wrong error when they try to add users.

Title: Issues on Instant Meeting link access when a valid auth token is present
Description: Opening an IM invite while users are already logged into an account on the same system resulted in a blank page.

Title: Minor graphical issues in Team Zimlet
Description: Missing padding between filename and attachment, low maximum notification width, spacing inside space details.

Title: No error is returned when sending a file larger than the maximum Drive allowed size via Team
Description: A warning should be returned if the user tries to send a file that exceeds the Drive allowed size via Team.

Title: 404 errors when Profile Picture is missing
Description: Fixed a bug that caused a GET request to undefined to be done, returning a 404 error, every time an Avatar without image was rendered.

Version 3.0.7


Title: Invalid failedItems detection during backup path initialization
Description: When the Backup Path is being initialized, deleting an item from a mailbox when the engine is backing it up returned an "Item not found" message since the list of items is fetched by the AccountVisitor at the beginning of the process.


Title: Make optional the dump of actions and encoders in the sync.log.
Description: Added a new log level for both general NG logging and Account Loggers called trace, which is by all means equal to the pre-P7 debug level. The debug log level has been changed so that it avoids logging action and encoder information to make it more readable.
Note: To set the general NG Log Level to trace, run:
zxsuite config server $(zmhostname) attribute ZxCore_LogLevel value -1

Title: Zimbra account logger to debug won’t show any mobile actions.
Description: When enabling Zimbra’s own debug account logger for a single account, mobile actions weren’t logged as debug.

Title: Add 2 more items (16.0 and 16.1) to EAS protocol option
Description: With the addition of EAS 16.0/16.1 support, the relevant Admin Console drop-down selector must be updated accordingly Notes: EAS16/16.1 is still in beta stage, so the default settings for all devices except for Samsungs remains EAS14.1


Title: doMoveMailbox "Moved zimbra db items" always counts one item in excess
Description: A bug in the item counter caused it to be always 1 element off.

Title: RemoveOrphanedBlobs operation delete blobs of items in dumpster
Description: The doRemoveOrphanedBlobs operation treats the blobs of items in the dumpster as orphans, thus deleting those and causing "Missing BLOB" errors to appear when volumes are checked.

Version 3.0.5


  • This is the minimum version that should be used with 8.8.15p5 and later, for compatibility with the updated OpenJDK version.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause the doMoveBlobs operation to not move some blobs and report a digest mismatch error.

Version 3.0.3


  • Full command start parameters are now included in all "Operation Started" notifications.
  • Logging into the Admin Console will not enter a logic loop anymore if one or more servers in the infrastructure send an empty or badly formatted zimbraServiceEnabled list.


  • Improved SmartScan error handling, especially when the Backup is being initialized. All write/permission errors are now considered blockers.
  • The doFixOrhpans operation now fully supports Drive items.


  • The getDeviceInfo command now returns more information (on par with the Legacy Mobile module).
  • Bad header detection has been improved, badly formatted items that used to cause errors such as "javax.mail.internet.ParseException: Expected parameter name, got ";" " should now be handled correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a "java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid Zimbra WeekOfMonth 5" error during calendar sync.


  • The doMoveMailbox operation has been reworked to improve resource usage and lower its impact on the system's general performances.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the doMoveBlobs operation to only handle 10001 items for each run.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Delegated Admin authentication to be logged twice, once as "Unknown" and once with the proper email address.

Version 3.0.2


  • Added a new force_as_external_restore option to the External Restore feature in order to improve Disaster Recovery usability.
  • Improved Backup Purge to ignore errors triggered by the original item having an invalid locator field.
  • The default value for the "Free Space Threshold" value has been changed to 2048Mb to improve usability.
  • "lost+found" system folders within the Backup Path are now properly ignored, as those could have made the Purge operation to fail.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • Improved the AccountScan operation output to account for metadata changed by an "Empty Folder" action in the WebClient.
  • Improved the doItemSearch command help (CLI).
  • Improved the error management logic to avoid causing OutOfMemory errors during a SmartScan when many missing BLOBs are detected in any Zimbra volume.
  • Improved the usability of the doFixShares command. It will now also work if the full path to the map file is entered.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a java.lang.Long cannot be cast to class java.lang.String error during the doCoherencyCheck operation.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause purge operation to fail in case of items with no blob.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause restore / undelete operations to fail when restoring a very old back-up.


  • The EmptyFolderContent EAS command is now only supported for the /Trash folder.
  • Improved the compatibility with Blackberry UEM.
  • Mobile log lines will now always include the original IP address of the client.
  • The minimum value for the WindowSize setting is now 1, as 0 is not supposed to be used and could cause the sync to get stuck on some clients.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the "Content-type" header not to be properly updated when forwarding a message from a client that uses the SmartForward EAS feature.


  • Improved performances on the HSM policy application when policies only contain time-based and/or size-based rules.
  • Improved the performance of the doMoveBlobs operation (Apply HSM) thanks to new logic that makes it quicker to identify items that should be moved, especially on volumes with a very large number of items.
  • Running the doCheckBlobs operation with the missing_blob_delete_item option will now also delete database entries of items with an invalid/nonexisting volume locator value.
  • Swift buckets now support Auth v2.
  • Ceph is now officially supported for both Primary and Secondary volumes.
    • To create a volume on CEPH, use zxsuite powerstore docreatevolume Ceph <attributes>.
    • Added the read_error_threshold option to the doVolumeToVolumeMove operation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the doCheckBlobs operation to sometimes process only 100 items if the missing_blob_delete_item option was set to true.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a storage error when an IMAP client tried to save a message in the Sent folder if Centralized Storage was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that could increase disk usage during the HSM operation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused import/export to fail when using primary remote storage.


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 2.16.2


  • This release is fully compatible with Zimbra 8.8.15
  • Ports for internal communication on multi-mailbox environments can now be configured through the `configFdPort` and `configFdPortRange` global configuration properties
    • use `zxsuite config global set` to change the values, then `zxsuite config doRestartService cluster` to apply
    • `configFdPort` default value: 8730
    • `configFdPortRange` default value: 5


  • Added a new attribute that allows to customize the number of ItemScan threads used during the SmartScan (min 2, max 32, formerly hardcoded to 5) - backupNumberThreadsForItems
  • Added a new attribute that allows to customize the number of AccountScan threads used during the SmartScan (min 2, max 32, formerly hardcoded to 3) - backupNumberThreadsForAccounts
  • Added a new check on all restore modes that will avoid interrupting the operation if an unexpected file with an invalid name is found among metadata files (e.g. rsync leftovers from interrupted commands)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause tags to be lost when performing an External Restore twice on the same targets.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the `doCoherencyCheck` operation not to move corrupted metadata files to the appropriate directory
  • Fixed a bug that could cause External Accounts to be restored as standard accounts due to a COS ID error
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the full monitor command not to be diplayed when starting a restore from the Zimbra Admin Console
  • Fixed a bug that could cause restores to fail on mailboxes whose main email address contained both lowercase and uppercase characters


  • Fixed a bug that caused the `MIMETruncation` field of the EAS sync to be ignored


  • Improved the item selection and push logic in the doMoveBlobs operation when the target is a generic S3 volume to better handle storage solutions that are protected by connection throttling
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "[object Object]" message to be displayed when removing a volume instead of the "Volume removed successfully" message


  • Mailbox loading logic has been reworked to optimize resource usage and avoid loading the entire account list when working on Delegated Admin mailboxes in the Zimbra Administration Console

Version 2.16.1


  • Fixed a bad link to the Compatibility List Wiki page.


  • Datasource restore behavior has been changed to avoid item duplication, with datasource contents will now always be restored on a dedicated directory called "Datasource [old datasource name]".
  • The `restore_datasource` option has been added to the Restore on New Account and External Restore operations to expand the new datasource restore logic:
    • Local datasource folder contents will be always restored (as described above).
    • When set to TRUE (default), the datasource configuration will be restored and an empty folder will be created to sync remote data.
    • When set to FALSE, no datasource configuration will be restored.


  • Added a protocol compliant workaround to allow clients to initiate a sync even when HTTP OPTIONS requests are blocked by network rules.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Shared Folders to sync properly to mobile devices.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an appointment scheduled for the last work day of every month to appear on every work day instead.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a Null Pointer Exception when new data was notified to the client.


  • Improved resource management in the Check Blobs operation to close unused files more aggressively.
  • Added an acknowlegement output to the doCreateVolume CLI command when the volume has been created correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the fix_incorrect_compressed_digest function of the Check Blobs operation not to work as intended.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the doMailboxMove operation to fail if the same operation previously failed. Only affected mailboxes with files stored in Zextras Drive.


  • Fixed a bug that made the `account_limit` parameter mandatory when issuing the `setDomainSettings` command albeit the option itself being reported as optional. The parameter is now optional as intended.

Version 2.16.0


  • This version is fully compatible with Zimbra 8.8.12
    • Starting from this version, all new releases will only be compatible with Zimbra 8.6 and higher.
  • New installer logic! Starting from this release, the Zimbra Suite Plus installer will detect the Zimbra version and automatically download the appropriate ZSP Core, Zimlet and collaterals.
    • Zimbra 8.0.x - 8.5.x: The new installer will download the latest 2.14 core on these Zimbra releases. Because they are out of official development and don't receive security patches, we strongly suggest upgrading to Zimbra 8.8.x as soon as possible.


  • File permission errors are not considered blockers anymore in the "Backup Server Customizations" step of the SmartScan.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the mailbox.log to grow abnormally in size due to an item loop during the SmartScan in case of missing item revision(s).


  • Added a workaround for an issue that affects Samsung devices which might send unmatched tags in the sync request.


  • The Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class is now supported.
  • Some item operations, such as IMAP moves, will now create hard links instead of new copies of the same item thus further optimizing disk space usage and performance.
  • Multipart uploads of files larger than 5Mb to external stores have been optimized. This will prevent some corner cases from creating a deadlock thus hanging the operation.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the operation error counter not to be reset after an operation terminated its run (whether successful or not).

Version 2.14.1


  • Fixed a bug that caused the "DoFixShares" operation to fail on a multiserver node when no mailboxes for a domain were hosted on that node.


  • Added a workaround to avoid Outlook entering a FolderSync loop when synchronizing an item with parent id set to 11 (Inbox).

Version 2.14.0


  • The External Restore now also restores all folders' sync settings.
  • Customization backup has been updated to include all files that have been moved from /opt/zimbra/conf/ to /opt/zimbra/commons/.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause recurring appointments to be shifted 1 hour forward


  • Fixed a bug that could cause an operation to be interrupted when writing an empty file.
  • Fixed a logic issue that could cause a Mailbox Move to fail if the dumpster of the moved mailbox was purged during the move process.
  • Fixed a logic issue that could cause a Mailbox Move to fail if the mailbox had never been accessed.

Administration Zimlet

  • Fixed a bug that prevented S3 buckets to be validated via GUI.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the confirmation message of all Restore wizards to appear garbled and to report wrong information.

Version 2.12.3


  • Improved External Restore in order to avoid non-existent COS IDs causing the operation to fail.
  • Fixed an issue in the RealTime Scanner.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause some attachments to be indexed poorly.

Version 2.12.1


  • This release is compatible with Zimbra 8.8.11.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the final step of the External Restore to be interrupted if a user deleted a restored Contact Group while the restore was running.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Restore on New Account to check the account limit against the Default COS instead of the appropriate COS.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Backup Threshold to be ignored.


  • Added a workaround to avoid custom contact fields named after EAS reserved words to stop the synchronization.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Scality volume creation to fail due to bad handling of the "server_prefix" property.
  • Both the "Cache" and "Incoming" paths can now be set from the Admin Console.
  • Added a check to make sure that the "Incoming" directory is properly set before creating a new Primary Volume on external storage.


  • Fixed a critical security vulnerability. (Bug 109093)

Admin Zimlet Improvements

  • Fixed an issue that could cause any time selection input box to be empty instead of displaying the "00" string.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent to change a volume from Primary to Secondary (and vice-versa).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause commands directed to a single server to be broadcast to all servers.

Version 2.10.2


  • Fixed an issue that could cause concurrent mailbox locking issues on Backup operations.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the RealTime Scanner to be unable to switch to new redologs.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the official Microsoft Connectivity Test to fail as well as some third-party MDM products to be unable to connect to Zextras Mobile.


  • An error message is now shown when a Global Admin tries to give Delegated Admin rights to another Global Admin.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an error when deleting Index volumes.

Version 2.10.1


  • Fixed an Admin Zimlet issue that allowed to set an end date of a restore occurring earlier than the start date.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause high CPU usage when the Backup module or the RealTime Scanner are disabled.
  • Logging has been improved to better handle missing BLOBs.


  • Index volumes can now be created and managed on the Zextras Administration Zimlet.
  • The output and logging of the doDeduplicate operation have been improved and tidied up.


  • Fixed an Admin Zimlet issue that could cause no information to appear in the ZxChat section of a Domain's configuration.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a wrong Update Notice to appear mentioning a zimlet version with a long micro release number.

Version 2.10.0

New Features

  • Several new third-party storage solutions are natively supported by the Zimbra Drive module.
  • All available third-party storage solutions such as Amazon S3 can now be used to host Primary volumes as well as Secondary volumes.
  • Multiple mailbox servers can now use a common bucket to store their data in order to greatly speed up Mailbox Moves (BETA)
  • A new Allow/Block/Quarantine security feature is available in the Mobile module.


  • Zimbra Suite Plus 2.10.0 is fully compatible with Zimbra 8.8.10.
  • Added a warning in the Admin Console to notify if any mailbox server is running a version of the core incompatible with the Zextras Administration Zimlet installed in LDAP.
  • Polling in multi-mailbox environment has been reworked to be parallel instead of sequential: this will greatly improve the Administration Zimlet performances in large multi-mailbox environments and solves a set of issues related to request timeouts in large environments.
  • Several Administration Zimlet calls have been reworked and optimized to generate a lower number of requests to the server.
  • Fixed a missing sentence in the "Module not running" banner.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause double clicks not to open the proper "edit" window in the Delegated Admin and Device List sections of the Admin Console.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Mobile and Backup properties settings in mobile/backup modules' UI to need a refresh in order to display the correct values after an edit.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a pop-up notification for each mailbox server when accessing the Admin Console instead of displaying just one.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the notification count in the Admin Console to be incorrect.


  • Added full Backup and Restore support for Dynamic Distribution Lists.
  • Added full support to Briefcase item revisions.
  • Added a dialog to inform that operations are being stopped after using the "Stop all Operations" button in the Admin Console.
  • Improved `doCheckBlobs` logic to better handle items referring to multiple BLOBs over different revisions.
  • Improved SmartScan logging so that irrelevant errors that are unavoidable and don't affect the operation itself are now only displayed when the log level is set to Debug.
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the “doCoherencyCheck“ command's help message.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the "doCoherencyCheck" operation not to stop when issuing a Stop All Operations command.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the search feature to return partial result sets in the External Restore wizard.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the "Select All" button in the External Restore wizard not to properly empty out the list of available accounts.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the "Undelete Account" wizard to remain open after the operation was correctly queued.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the account list in an External Restore to appear empty even if there are eligible mailboxes in the import path.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause calendar appointments with multiple statuses to cause the restore to fail.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an External Restore to silently fail when running it from the CLI and restoring multiple accounts.
  • Fixed a glitch that could cause the Scanned Accounts counter in the "AccountScan" operation not to increment properly for accounts that took less than one second to scan.


  • Added a workaround to ensure that the Wipe Device feature works on the latest versions of Samsung's Android implementation.
  • Added a workaround that forces the organizer of an appointment to be the same as the EAS user creating it on Android devices to ensure compatibility with the latest Gmail stock client.
  • Added a workaround that forces an event's timezone to the local one to avoid bad timezone assignment on certain iOS and Android version caused by a bug in the OS' calendaring libraries.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause OutOfOffice messages to be handled wrongly by mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the "Suspend", "Resume" and "Wipe" UI buttons not to work right after an upgrade.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause passwords with accented letters to be unusable for EAS authentication.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause attachments to return an invalid value in the "EstimatedDataSize" field of the synchronisation causing the client to loop.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause attachment retrieval to fail if the client sent a bad status code.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause deletion of shared appointments not to synchronise correctly from iOS devices to the server.


  • Available Amazon S3 regions have been updated to the currently available ones.
  • The Remove Orphaned Blobs operation now correctly handles items stored on another volume.
  • The Mailbox Move operation now has a per-mailbox error threshold instead of a global one, meaning that if the threshold is hit when moving a mailbox and multiple mailboxes are being moved the module will now only skip the affected mailbox instead of stopping the whole operation.
  • The Mailbox Move operation now fully supports the dumpster feature.
  • Improved Mailbox Move logics in order to handle multiple briefcase file revisions.
  • Improved Mailbox Move logics in order to retry moving an item should the first try fail.
  • Improved Mailbox Move logics to improve performances when dealing with items that have several states stored in the backup.
  • Improved Mailbox Move logics for better connection handling.
  • Several exception types have been added to the Mailbox Move feature to better handle errors.
  • Mailbox Move commands can now be queued up.
  • New parameters available in the Mailbox Move command:
    • accounts- a list of mailboxes to move, separated by ";"
    • domain - to move an entire domain
    • input_file - path to a file containin one email address per line
  • Improved "RemoveOrphanedBlobsOperation" logics in order to remove items on different volumes (e.g. because of item duplication).
  • Added a new optional boolean parameter to the "doCheckBlobs" operation, "fix_incorrect_compressed_digests" to allow fixing blob digest in the DB when the stored digest and the actual one are not consistent due to compression.
  • Added a failsafe to the "Add Volume" wizard to prevent the user to progress if a valid volume name has been entered.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the "doDeduplicate" operation to report 1 less item than the actual total in the "Operation Completed" notification and in the logs.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the "doCheckBlobs" to log a blob as "found" instead of "expected" in case of a digest mismatch.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the emptyness check to be skipped when trying to remove a remote volume (e.g. S3).
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a "Volume Added Successfully" message to appear when adding a new primary volume failed.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the "Cancel" button not to appear in the "Edit Volume" dialog.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an empty dialog to appear when exiting the "Delete Volume" dialog.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a nested exception situation when checking the validity of the cache directory that caused the original exception not to be shown.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the "Deduplicate Volume" wizard to remain open after the operation was correctly queued.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause items not to be moved by the Move Blobs operation if the items' compressed and uncompressed size was exactly the same.


  • Improved error handling when dealing with accounts that are both Delegated Admins and Global Admins.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an error on the creation of the `/opt/zimbra/conf/zextras/zxadmin` directory after a migration due to concurrent directory creation on a fresh installation.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Delete all Delegation Settings" feature to fail if no valid license was present.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Delegated Admin to be unable to login to a specific domain's Admin Console when rights over multiple domains have been granted.


  • Chat History is now available within the appropriate chat windows instead of the "Chats" mail folder.
  • Old and unsafe ciphers for XMPP connections have been deprecated.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the AnyMeeting zimlet.
  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple whitespaces to be trimmed from chat messages.
  • Improved focus management and window resize handling.

Version 2.6.7


  • This is a compatibility release - Zimbra 8.8.9 is now fully supported.


  • No changes


  • No changes


  • Sensitive S3 volume information is not displayed in the logs anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause S3 volumes to become unavailable without a valid license.


  • No changes


  • No changes

Version 2.6.6


  • This is a bugfix release, upgrading is highly suggested.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause messages in the Chats folder not to be properly restored.


  • No changes


  • No changes


  • Fixed a bug that could cause a "NO_SUCH_ACCOUNT" error when migrating to the new ACL system (affects infrastructures recently updated from Zextras Suite 2.2 and lower).


  • Zextras Chat Zimlet 2.3 compatiblilty.

Zextras Suite 2.6.5


  • This is a bugfix release.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause multiple "com.zextras.lib.Error.UnableToCreateItemError: Unable to create ZEItem" errors during a restore.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause items not to be restored because of a bad data cast on the "ais" property.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the download of attachments contained in a shared folder to fail.


  • No changes.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause the "/opt/zimbra/conf/zextras/zxadmin" directory not to be properly created.

Zextras Migration Tool

  • Not released.

Zextras Suite 2.6.4


  • This is a compatibility release - Zimbra 8.8.8 is now fully supported.


  • No changes.


  • I No changes


  • When running a "doDeduplicate" operation in dry-run mode, all duplicated item information will be logged instead of just the number of duplicated items.


  • When upgrading from a pre-2.4 version, the migration to the new Admin datastore is now asynchronous. This means that the Admin services won't need to wait for the datastore migration to end to be functional.

Zextras Migration Tool

  • No changes.

Version 2.6.3


  • This release is fully compatible with Zimbra 8.8.7.
  • This is a bugfix release, upgrading is highly suggested.


  • The LDAP Backup feature now supports LDAPs setups (SSL and TLS).


  • Fixed a bug that could cause contacts notes not to properly synchronise on devices using EAS v2.5.
  • Improved error detection and response for badly formatter ServerIDs in mobile requests.
  • Added a new logic to the MIME Parser to allow the correct parsing of emails where Content-Disposition assignments are empty, missed the appropriate field quotes or contained illegal characters.
  • Unhandled Exchange ActiveSync exceptions now return the appropriate HTTP error code (>= 400) instead of returning
  • Fixed an issue that caused attachment downloads to fail for emails stored in a shared folder.
  • Fixed an issue that caused synchronisation requests to "dead" mountpoints (e.g. folders shared by a deleted account) to return errors and cause performance issues on low-end servers.


  • Changed the deletion logic for items in third-party secondary volumes to an asynchronous model to improve performances and reliability.
  • It's now possible to queue a MailboxMove operation when another operation of the same type is running.
  • Added notifications to the DoPurgeMailboxes command and renamed the "force" parameter to "ignore_retention".
  • DoMailboxMove now accepts some new parameters: accounts (a list of email addresses separated by ";"), domain and input_file (path to a file containing a list of email addresses, one for each line).


  • No changes

Version 2.6.2


  • This release is fully compatible with Zimbra 8.8.6.
  • This is a bugfix release, upgrading is highly suggested.


  • Fixed an error in the CoherencyCheck operation which caused objects to be treated as corrupted when their parent directory was not in the backup.


  • "conv" type folders are now supported
  • Improved error handling when the parsing of a badly formatted date fails
  • Fixed a bug affecting Android devices that caused Invitations to be sent without proper organizer data
  • X-Originating-IP header for Active sync emails now complies to the zimbraSmtpSendAddOriginatingIP setting
  • When the organizer edits appointment from a mobile device all attendees' status is now reset to "awaiting response"
  • Added a workaround to properly handle broken emails with bad root Content-Transfer-Encoding
  • The mobile ping logic has been improved to avoid the current ping to fail when a calendar item gets deleted during the synchronization
  • Inline attachments from original message on SmartReply action are now included
  • The "completed" flag is now properly handled (synchronize as complete on other active sync devices, remove flag on Zimbra)


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the scheduled "Apply HSM" option to fail when Zextras Backup is not licensed
  • Fixed a bug in the deletion of s3 stores from web ui and CLI


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the "View Mail" feature to be properly displayed by Delegated Admins

Version 2.6.1


  • The doMailboxMove command has undergone significant changes. Namely, he source mailbox is not deleted from the source server after the move anymore and remains dormant.
    • Two new CLI commands have been added to respectively show and delete "leftover" mailboxes (see below).


  • Fixed a server configuration backup issue that could cause the operation to crash when parsing unexpected files.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a "NullPointer Exception" error when dealing with "searchFolder" items.


  • Recurring appointments based on the "N-th day of the month" are now supported.
  • Several behaviours and actions regarding Shared Folders have been normalised and improved, now working as intended:
    • Creating a subfolder of remote folder works as expected
    • Moving a mountpoint's subfolder to the same mountpoint works as expected
    • Moving a mountpoint properly moves it in the local mailbox.
    • Moving a mountpoint's subfolder to another mountpoint (even on same mailbox) returns an error.
    • Renaming s mountpoint's subfolder works as expected.
    • Renaming a mountpoint properly renames the mountpoint in the local mailbox.
    • Deleting a mountpoint disables the mobile synchronization for that mountpoint.
    • Deleting a mountpoint's subfolder returns an error.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause item moves from a shared to a local folder to fail.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the deletion of a contact's image to fail.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an unexpected behaviour when forwarding meeting invites.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause forwarded recurring meeting invitations to sync only the first meeting instance.
  • Fixed a workflow inconsistency that could prevent iOS 11 devices to be able to reply to emails.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause invitations to a single instance of a recurring appointment not to send the invitation email.
  • Several small issues and corner cases with a very low chance of affecting real-life environments have been fixed.


  • HSM+ is now forcibly disabled should a third-party storage manager be detected.
  • Moving a mailbox to another server won't delete the mailbox from the source server anymore.
    • Added the `getMovedMailboxes` command to show a list of "orphaned" moved mailboxes.
    • Added the `doPurgeMailbox` to remove "orphaned" moved mailboxes.


  • Autocomplete is now available when adding a COS in the "Edit Domain" dialog.
  • Several small issues and UI glitches with a very medium-to-low chance of affecting real-life environments have been fixed.

Version 2.6.0

New Features

  • The new "Mailbox Move" feature has been added to the HSM+ module, allowing to move mailboxes between servers in multiserver environments.
  • The "LDAP Backup" feature has been added to the SmartScan: at the end of the execution, all LDAP data and configuration will be backed up in the "server" directory of the backup path.


  • Starting from this release, new versions of Zimbra Suite Plus will only be compatible with Zimbra 8+.
  • Fixed a XSS vulnerability in the COS and Account view.
  • Improved the stability of the built-in configuration manager.
  • All communication between servers belonging to the same infrastructure are now both encrypted and authenticated.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause a blocking "Null Pointer Exception" when restoring shared items.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the restore of folders shared through a distribution list to fail when doing incremental migrations.


  • Any relevant UI element will now properly be blocked or hidden if the module is disabled.
  • The code for ICS-to-EAS conversion for recurring items has been rewritten to be much more reliable when dealing with badly formatted recurrences.
  • Items in EAS folders can now be moved to Local folders (only on clients that support this feature).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Task and Calendar items not to be properly updated when the item contained HTML code.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause tasks created via SOAP API not to be synchronised.


  • It's now impossible to create any S3 volume if the proper S3 cache directory doesn't exist.
  • Fixed a glitch that could cause the "New" volume button to become unclickable.

Admin No changes here

Version 2.4.9

New Features

  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite 8.7.9 is now supported.
    • Due to its "non-GA" status, Zimbra Collaboration Suite 8.7.8 is not supported by Zimbra Suite Plus nor it will be in the future.


  • This is a "bugfix and compatibility" release.


  • Fixed an issue with the "Server customizations backup" sub-operation: in case of an error, the wrong exception was displayed.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause iOS devices to ignore meeting changes until those are accepted.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause forwarding or replying to an email on mobile devices if the "include original message" option was selected on the client.


  • Fixed a parsing issue for pdf document that could, in some very specific and hard to reproduce cases, to cause mailboxd OOM errors.
  • Fixed a possible deadlock that could happen when using an S3 bucket as a secondary volume.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause an Admin+ operation to fail returning a "Generic Error: Remove Delegation Setting Operationfailed. Admin settings may be in an inconsistent state." error if the Zimbra Suite Plus Administration Zimlet was not properly installed.

Version 2.4.8

New Features

  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite 8.7.6 is now supported.


Zimbra 8.7.6 includes a technical preview of the Chat and Drive Zimbra component, powered by Zextras.

  • The ZAL version used by chat and drive has a known issue that has been solved in version 1.11.7+. To fix the issue, copy the zal.jar package from /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/zextras/ to /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/zimbradrive/ and /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/openchat/. Then, restart the mailboxd for the appropriate ZAL versions to be loaded.


  • This is a "bugfix and compatibility" release.


  • Fixed an issue that blocks synchronization from the webclient to iOS caused by wrong PARTSTAT(participant status).


  • Fixed an issue that causes the Admin Migration operation to fail.

Version 2.4.7

New Features

  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite 8.7.5 is now supported.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause some appointments not to be displayed as “accepted” on iOS if they have been accepted from web interface.

Version 2.4.6

New Features

  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite 8.7.4 is now supported.


  • This is a "bugfix and compatibility" release.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the corruption of gzip files downloaded from a briefcase.


  • Fixed an issue which could cause restores to end abruptly when dealing with some large or complex items (such as recurring events with attachments and several edits)

Mobile+ Hooray, no fixes here!


  • Fixed a "Null Pointer Exception" error that could appear during the HSM Move.


  • Hooray, no fixes here!

Version 2.4.5

New Features

  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite 8.7.3 is now supported.


  • Fixed an issue which could prevent tags and buddies not to be properly restored.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Delegated Admin status not to be restored during External Restores.


  • Improved folder management code to avoid the synchronization to fail on accounts with a large number of folders (over 200).
  • Added a workaround to generate proper calendar invites when Outlook 203/2016 send an empty invitation.


  • Hooray, no fixes here!


  • Fixed a trivial bug which caused some rights not to be removed when revoking Delegated Admin rights from a user.
  • Added some missing group rights.

Version 2.4.4


  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite 8.7.2 is now supported.
  • Backup Plus's External Restore can now restore multiple accounts at the same time, improving restore speed by up to 4 times. This feature is only available via CLI through the "concurrent_accounts" parameter of the doExternalRestore command.
  • Access to configuration for core features, Mobile Plus on multistore infrastructures has been improved, especially when one of the mailboxd fails.
  • Administration Plus Zimlet: Fixed some drag&drop issues on Zimbra 8.7.x.
  • Fixed a bug that caused small UI issues in the Zimbra Suite Plus Administration Zimlet on multistore environments.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the all modules in the Zimbra Suite Plus Administration Zimlet to be grayed out after adding a new mailboxd server to the infrastructure.
  • Fixed a bug which lead to unexcepted errors in SOAP which affects only 8.6.0p7 and 8.6.0p8.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the user to use the Zimbra Suite Plus Account View or Zimbra Suite Plus COS View.


  • Improved RealTime Scanner's "slowdown" detection.
  • Signature Length and Maximum Number of Contacts will now be ignored when restoring an account.
  • Fixed an issue that wrongly caused some BLOBs to be reported as missing by the SmartScan if the doMoveBlobs Zimbra Suite Plus Powerstore operation was running during the SmartScan.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Restore On New operations to fail if the "Apply HSM Policies" was selected and the current secondary volume was an S3 Volume.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause tag colors not to be properly restored.
  • Changed the way skipped items are counted on restore logs/notifications to avoid reporting as skipped a restored folder which contains an item whose itemID is lower than the folder's itemID itself.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause "Nine for Android" clients not to properly sync calendars.
  • Added several information to the output of the "getDeviceInfo" CLI command.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the user to update appointments created via CalDav, from mobile devices.


  • Fixed a bug which could cause to use incorrect encoding in html email previews.


  • Fixed a bug which could cause a Delegated Admin to be unable to delete mailboxes on multistore environments if the target mailbox was hosted on a different server than the the one the DA was logged into.

Version 2.4.2

New Features

  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite 8.7.1 is now supported.

Version 2.4.1

New Features

  • Official support for Dell-EMC's ECS storage (S3 compatible)


  • Uninstalling Zimbra Suite Plus now undeploys the Client Zimlet as well.

Backup Plus

  • Fixed a bug that could cause an External Restore to fail with a "no such domain" error.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the "getItem" CLI command to fail when using a target different from the current Backup Path.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause tags not to be properly restored when importing a Zimbra 7.x dataset into Zimbra 8.x.
  • Logging has been improved to reduce backup messages on the mailbox.log file when deleting a mailbox.
  • Operation queue improvement: if a Restore on New Account is running, subsequent operations of the same type with the same source won't be queued anymore.

Mobile Plus

  • Added several server-side workarounds for calendar issues affecting the stock client in iOS 10.x.
  • Added a server-side workaround to solve some clients' issues with appointment forwarding.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a timezone error when creating appointments from an EAS client.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause emails sent through Zimbra Mobile+ to have a broken message preview in the Zimbra Web Client.

HSM Plus

  • Fixed a logic loophole that caused HSM Plus to override Zimbra's default storage classes even when the module was unlicensed/disabled. This caused issues with the "zmhsm", "zmblobchk" and "zmmboxmove" commands, now those commands work properly if HSM+ is unlicensed or disabled, while if the module is licensed and enabled you can use the HSM+ equivalents, "zxsuite hsm doMoveBlobs" and "zxsuite hsm doCheckBlobs".
  • Fixed a bug that caused some items not to be properly deleted from an S3 bucket when a mailbox was deleted.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Volume Deduplication operation not to detect and delete all duplicate files.
  • Several UI fixes and input santitization.
  • The behaviour of all HSM+ CLI commands has been standardized and now volume names can be used everywhere instead of volumeIDs.
  • All HSM+ operations now properly support dumpster folders.
  • The "Compression Threshold" value can now be set to "0".
  • The S3 caching engine has been optimized to remove a delay that was briefly affecting performances right after lowering the cache value.

Admin Plus

  • Fixed a bug that could cause an error when setting a quota value to "Unlimited" in Delegated Admins and Domain Limits.
  • Delegated admins can now see Alias Domain information for the domains they manage.

Version 2.4.0

Zimbra Suite Plus


  • Nailgun has been removed, now the Zimbra Suite Plus CLI uses a custom built engine which is way faster and more responsive.
    • The "--offline" option is being refactored, thus it has been removed and will be added back when the refactoring is completed.
  • Several wizards have been expanded and improved by adding an additional step at the beginning that fully explains the operation's functioning and options.
  • Licensing Notice: any license created on or after September 8th 2016 is only compatible with Zimbra Suite Plus 2.4.0 and higher.

Zimbra Backup Plus

  • Noticeable performance improvements in the RealTime Scanner and External Backup features.
  • Concurrency has been improved, allowing more backup operations to run together.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a licensing error to appear when trying to add a new account on a limited domain when the limit has been reached, now the appropriate error is shown.

Zimbra Mobile Plus

  • Free/busy support extended to any mobile client that supports this feature (ResolveRecipient Exchange ActiveSync command).
  • Expanded the workaround for the incorrect date displayed by emails sent from Yahoo to include more cases.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause synchronization issues if one or more address books under the "Email Contacts" folders exist.

Zimbra HSM Plus

  • S3 support: now Secondary volumes can be hosted on Amazon S3 buckets.
  • Attachment indexing.
  • Noticeable performance improvements in any operation that moves BLOBs (HSM and Volume to Volume move)
  • Changed the write error threshold to a percentage value (5%) instead of a fixed value.

Zimbra Admin Plus

  • The Zimbra Admin Plus module can now be used on Zimbra Network Edition 8.6 and higher instead of Zimbra's own ACL management system.
  • New distributed configuration backend to heavily reduce the response time of the module.

Version 2.2.5

Zimbra Suite Plus


  • This is the first stable Zimbra Suite Plus release compatible with Zimbra Collaboration 8.7.0. Yaaaaay!
  • Fixed a bug that could cause "wrong target" error to appear several times in the log when a node when a node isn't reachable for more than a minute.
  • Improved proxying recovery when a mailboxd server goes down in a 5-10+ mailboxd environment, now Zimbra Suite Plus will take less time to detect the server when it comes back up.

Zimbra Backup Plus

  • Fixed a UI bug that caused the wrong date to be displayed in "Restore on New Account" and "Undelete" wizards when the "Use least date available" option was selected.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause tags with numeric names not to be properly imported when migrating from Zimbra 7.x to Zimbra 8.x

Zimbra Mobile Plus

  • Fixed a harmless bug that could cause "ping" command responses to have duplicate http headers.
  • Added a workaround for an Outlook 2013/2016 issue that could cause calendar items to "flicker" (vanish and re-appear randomly) in the main Calendar window.
  • Added a workaround for an iOS issue that could cause sent emails to include an empty "Text/Plain" section before the actual content.
  • Added a workaround to make sure that emails with bad encoding are synchronized and displayed in Android and WP10.
  • Added a workaround to avoid an issue with dates reported on emails sent by Yahoo addresses and synchronized with Outlook 2013/2016.
  • Added a workaround to make sure that emails containing only an attachment (no other mime sections) are synchronized and displayed properly in Android.
  • Added a workaround to an incorrect behaviour of Microsoft Outlook which sends emails encoded with the gb2312 charset containing characters from the gb18030, which are now properly displayed.
  • Added a workaround to avoid the creation of "no duration" appointments (same Start and End date/time) to avoid issues in the Zimbra WebClient and in some EAS implementations.

Zimbra HSM Plus

  • Added a default value of 4096 bytes to the "Compression Threshold" valule in "New Volume" GUI.

Zimbra Admin Plus

  • Hooray, no fixes here!

Zimbra Suite Migration Tool

  • This is the first stable Zimbra Suite Migration Tool release compatible with Zimbra Collaboration 8.7.0.

Zimbra Suite Plus


Latest Version: 3.1.4

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