Zimbra Security Center Acknowledgements

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Zimbra Security Center Acknowledgements

The following people have reported valid security related bugs or concerns with our products and/or our publicly accessible services. Thank you for helping to make our products, and customers safer!

Abdurrahman Nazim
Ashish Kunwar https://twitter.com/d0rkerdevil
Stephan Kaag https://securify.nl/
Veit Hailperin https://twitter.com/fenceposterror
Girish Bhamare https://www.zimbra.com/
Zhouyuan Yang https://www.fortiguard.com/
Eusebiu Blindu https://twitter.com/testalways
Damian Pfammatter & Alessandro Zala https://compass-security.com/
Lucideus http://lucideus.com/
Stephan Kaag https://securify.nl/
Alastair Gray https://ca.linkedin.com/in/alastair-gray-81a3085
Sammy Forgit https://fr.linkedin.com/in/sammy-forgit-21834aa5
ANAS LAABAB https://twitter.com/anas_l44b4b
Mohit Rawat https://in.linkedin.com/in/mohitrawat08
Akash Saxena https://www.facebook.com/akash.saxena.9421
Netragard http://netragard.com/
Nam Habach  
Kevin Michael Joensen http://www.secu.dk/
Szymon Gruszecki http://www.defensis.pl/
Guilherme Scombatti https://twitter.com/gui_scombatti
Koen Rouwhorst https://twitter.com/koenrh
Sandesh Satam https://www.zimbra.com/
Peter Nguyen  
Ali Wamim Khan https://twitter.com/WamimKhan
Hamza Bachikh https://twitter.com/miZo_Rayk
Steven Adair https://www.volexity.com/
Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs https://www.fortiguard.com/
Anthony LAOU-HINE TSUEI & Damien CAUQUIL https://www.sysdream.com/
Mario Heiderich https://cure53.de/
Lokesh Kumar V https://www.facebook.com/vijayanlokeshkumar
Indrajith.AN https://www.facebook.com/indrajith.cyberXdestroyer
Asif Matadar MWR InfoSecurity
Jitesh Sojitra https://www.zimbra.com/

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