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JIRA Tickets fixed in 9.0.0 Patch 2

ZCS-8657 Backport ClientInfoRequest to Zimbra 9
ZBUG-1055 zmdiaglog does not capturing top, ps and netstat outputs on a non-mailbox server
ZCS-9156 Missing drive en_us translation file
ZCS-9155 Video issues in IM sessions with multiple attendees
ZCS-9056 Support Zimbra 9 Kepler Patch-1 and Patch-2
ZCS-8927 Integrate NextCloud / OwnCloud into Zimbra Drive to supersede OpenDrive
ZCS-8911 Add PATCH support in zm-oauth-social proxy
ZCOMT-2020 OLK 2019, OLK 2016,OLK 2013,OLK 2010 crashes after updating meeting time from the shared calendar
ZCOMT-2004 F/B scheduling window continues to show no information even after the connection is recovered.
ZCOMT-2002 O365 crashes while sending a meeting/emails from the mixed profile (ZCO is primary profile user)
ZCOMT-2001 ZCO does not show f/b information for an exchange user who has "Working Elsewhere" meetings.
ZCOMT-1392 Delete the Orphaned PST item
ZCOMT-1309 {OL2016} ZCO crashes during automation run against office 365, OLK 2016(c2r)
ZBUG-1526 After setting French language in Modern Web UI folder name are displayed in English.
ZBUG-1467 Unable to save attachment in Zimbra Drive (Error: Cannot create folder/file with unsupported name)
ZBUG-1466 File sharing is not working in Zimbra Connect.
ZBUG-1462 drag and drop doesn't work with drive v2.
ZBUG-1386 Encrypted email with SMIME attachment are exposed with ActiveSync protocol.
PREAPPS-4802 Kepler-9.0.0-Patch-2/Desktop-May-20/3.4.0 release regression and integration testing
PREAPPS-4778 Update Translations
PREAPPS-4767 Required/Optional pulldown in scheduler widget is not localized
PREAPPS-4735 Update translations
PREAPPS-4734 Icon elements get keyboard focus via Tab; they should not be in the TabIndex
PREAPPS-4725 Selecting all mails moves scroll bar to bottom
PREAPPS-4722 Links in Calendar Events + Email not Properly sanitized allowing XSS
PREAPPS-4720 Handle getway timeout/bad gateway errors properly in the app
PREAPPS-4716 Replace hard coded font sizes with less variables
PREAPPS-4710 CC field disappears automatically while reading a mail after 30-40 secs.
PREAPPS-4703 Log out appends "/null" to the end of the server URL; login at that point results in "Not Found"
PREAPPS-4687 zm-x-zimlet-date not detecting dates
PREAPPS-4686 GAL folder not visible when user's sharing feature is disabled
PREAPPS-4673 Modify Date zimlet to be disabled when Calendar feature is disabled.
PREAPPS-4666 Disable Calendar impact on mail/contacts vertical
PREAPPS-4654 Fix PWA app
PREAPPS-4651 Date and Signature zimlets to be shipped in Zimbra 9 package as default zimlets
PREAPPS-4642 Open attachment preview from search screen hides search result
PREAPPS-4639 Visual indicator for differentiating between one time and recurring events
PREAPPS-4623 Appointments older than particular date disappearing from calendar views and Details screen cannot be viewed
PREAPPS-4614 Regression: User quota showing wrong result in progress bar
PREAPPS-4606 Make Gravatar use client-configurable
PREAPPS-4605 User may pick a default "From" address to use for messages sent from their Primary account
PREAPPS-4602 GraphQL error 'upload not found' shows after attaching .ics file; draft mail in Drafts does not contain .ics file
PREAPPS-4587 Allow user to name a saved-search while creation
PREAPPS-4586 Show start and end time for OOO settings
PREAPPS-4565 Provide users the ability to Create a Persona
PREAPPS-4556 Translation : German translation of "Tags" is cluttered: Sometimes it's called "Tag", sometimes "Stichworte" and sometimes "Etikett"
PREAPPS-4554 In month view, creating 15 days event through drag make UI unresponsive
PREAPPS-4518 Update translations
PREAPPS-4496 Draft mail shows body content "undefined" when viewed first time after login or after client reset
PREAPPS-4486 Event sender (SENT-BY) is shown an invitation header when viewing an invitee's response email
PREAPPS-4474 Bottom Preview Pane | Opening attachment in preview pane breaks UI(Blank mail list)
PREAPPS-4439 Search no longer restricts search results to folder selected from dropdown
PREAPPS-4391 Incorrect dates can be saved in Out of Office
PREAPPS-4291 No visual feedback when large inline image is being pasted/Uploaded into compose window
PREAPPS-4290 Branding | Deploy strategy for Zimbra X
PREAPPS-4212 Move 'New Event' from message functionality to core product
PREAPPS-4063 Highlight search matches when previewing search results
PREAPPS-3977 Right-Click on an event in calendar opens browser's rt-click context menu
PREAPPS-3937 .ics attachments not shown even when message is not an invitation
PREAPPS-3934 Facilitate actions to accept or decline specific instances of recurring events
PREAPPS-3543 Invitation response buttons are misaligned in mobile view when viewing in mail pane
PREAPPS-3504 Creating new folder navigates to Inbox folder view
PREAPPS-3448 "Edit reply before sending" a response to a meeting invite
PREAPPS-3112 Send invitations to events in shared calendar on behalf of calendar owner
PREAPPS-2894 Localize time display on Show Availability dialog and Calendar views
PREAPPS-2732 Implement CTRL+Enter shortcut for Send mail action
PREAPPS-2277 System Folder Name Translation - Zimbra X UI
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