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Zimbra Collaboration 9.0.0 GA Release

Release Date: April 7, 2020

Check out the Things to Know Before Upgrading, What's New and Known Issues sections for this version of Zimbra Collaboration.

Please refer to the Single-Server Install Guide, Multi-Server Install Guide, and Upgrade Guide for install and upgrade instructions.

Things to Know Before Upgrading

Please review the following information to decide if Zimbra 9.0.0 is suitable for you.

  • Zimbra Touch Client, Zimbra Mobile Client, and Zimbra HTML (Standard) Client are no longer a part of Zimbra starting from Version 9.0.0.
  • Zimbra Connect replaces Zimbra Talk during the upgrade process. You must choose to install zimbra-connect when prompted as zimbra-talk is removed during the upgrade process.
  • If you are currently on Zimbra V8.8.15 Patch 8, update all NG modules before upgrading to Zimbra 9.0.0.
  • Zimbra 9.0.0 introduces two versions of Zimbra Web Client -- Modern and Classic.
    • A Zimbra Network Edition license is required to use the Modern Web App.
    • It is recommended that the Modern Web App is set as the default web client. Even after selecting a default, the Modern Web App and the Classic Web App can be used simultaneously by users as per their choice.
    • To know more about highlights of the Modern Web App, please refer to Introducing the Modern Web Application.
    • The Classic Web App offers the same functionality as the Advanced Web Client in Zimbra version 8.8.15.
    • The Modern Web App is actively under development, with some features not yet available. Refer to Email Features (e.g., Personas, System Distribution Lists, and Dumpster.
    • Briefcase cannot be used with Modern Web App. Though users may continue to use Briefcase with Classic Web App, it is recommended that existing users of Briefcase migrate to Zimbra Drive.
    • Existing customized themes, logo branding changes, and crontab changes are incompatible with, and hence do not reflect in the Modern Web App. Branding needs to be re-configured to work with the Modern Web App. The Modern Web App does not currently support themes. Please refer to the Customizing Modern Web App section of Admin Guide for more information related to configuration.
    • Currently supported languages in the application UI for the Modern Web App are - Chinese (China), English (US), French (France), German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish and Thai.
    • Zimlets are supported on both the Web Clients.
      • Zimlets that work with Zimbra 8.8 will work with the Classic Web App; however, they are incompatible with the Modern Web App. Due to technology changes, there is no way to migrate the Zimlets from the Classic Web App to the Modern Web App or vice-versa.
      • The Zimlets for Zimbra Drive, Zimbra Connect, and Zimbra Docs are available for both web applications.

After you review the tasks in this section, please go to Upgrade Instructions.

Security Fixes

Information about security fixes, security response policy, and vulnerability rating classification are listed below. See the Zimbra Security Response Policy and the Zimbra Vulnerability Rating Classification information below for details. You can also refer to the Security Vulnerability Advisories register.

Summary CVE-ID CVSS Score Zimbra Rating Fix Patch Version
Upgraded 3rd Party Apache SpamAssassin from version 3.4.1 to 3.4.4. CVE-2020-1930 & CVE-2020-1931 - - 9.0.0
Upgraded 3rd Party ClamAV from version 0.99.4 to 0.102.2. CVE-2020-3123 - - 9.0.0
Upgraded 3rd Party Open LDAP from version 2.4.46 to 2.4.49. CVE-2019-13565 - - 9.0.0
Removed support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.0 when clients use SSL to connect to Zimbra. Default is now TLS 1.2. CVE-2020-8660 - - 9.0.0
Upgraded 3rd Party JQuery to version 3.4.1. CVE-2019-11358 - - 9.0.0

What's New

NOTE: Beta features are not supported and should not be installed on production systems. Beta modules have been provided for evaluation in lab environments only.

Zimbra Collaboration 9.0.0 Network Edition
  • This release introduces a new Modern Web Application which:
    • Has a responsive design ensuring that users get a consistent experience and full functionality across all their devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop).
    • Is built from scratch using the latest technologies with a focus on speed, scalability, and reliability.
    • Provides a new and better Zimlet framework to deliver custom and exclusive features across all devices.
  • Read more in Introducing the Modern Web Application.
Zimbra Connector for Outlook
  • We're introducing a new Zimbra Free / Busy Provider (Beta) which gives greater detail about meeting invitees' availability than is visible through Outlook's Internet Free / Busy service. During the initial introduction period, administrators need to enable the feature for their users through a custom installer. Refer to the configuration instructions on the Zimbra wiki.
  • As a step towards full support for Inline attachments in meetings created in Outlook, images, charts, screenshots, and OLE objects can now be synced to Zimbra. These appear as regular attachments that may be viewed by recipients.

Fixed Issues

Zimbra Collaboration Suite
  • Earlier, users were unable to uninstall a Zimbra version. With this release, the issue no longer occurs and Zimbra uninstalls cleanly.
Zimbra Classic Web App
  • The option to "Include original message as an attachment" is functional for the Classic Web App. The setting is found under Preferences > Mail > Composing Messages, for Email-reply and Email Forwarding.
Zimbra Connector for Outlook
  • Identified and fixed a deadlock that could occur during GAL Sync, causing Outlook to become unresponsive.
  • Fixed a bug that blocked applications (like Adobe Acrobat, for example) from being able to reach through Outlook to send an email with an attachment.
  • This version of ZCO is backward-compatible with all supported versions of Zimbra Collaboration, and may be downloaded separately.
Zimbra Drive

Known Issues

Zimbra Connector for Outlook
  • Images in signatures within meeting notes do not sync to the Zimbra server.
  • Inline PDF attachments and shapes inserted in meeting notes do not sync to the Zimbra server.
  • Users may receive an error message when forwarding an invitation email to another user (Error Code: `service.PERM_DENIED`). This will be fixed in the next patch release.
    • Workaround - Users must copy the event details and forward them as an email, or use the Web App to forward invitations.
Modern Web App
  • Folders nested deeper than 5 levels do not appear in the folder list pane.
  • For some messages, the HTML content of a message that contains links for external images is only partially displayed.
  • When organizers delete an event and later restore it using undo-event-deletion (click Undo on event Deleted notification), the event restores in the organizers' Calendar but not in invitees' Calendar.
  • In Conversation View, users cannot move multiple emails between folders if one of the email threads contains a draft.
  • When editing events in shared calendars, if users add a recipient and save the event to send it, the invitation is not sent to the added user.
  • Users' Drafts folder (under the external IMAP account configured with the application) does not synchronize with its respective account on external domains (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo).
  • Some `ics` files fail to get imported via Calendar -> Import, in Modern UI.
  • When a user tries to print an email from a Search result, it results in a "Not Found" error page.
  • When the user has set the Preview pane to Bottom of the screen and tries to preview an email attachment, it results in an inconsistent user interface and blank email list page.
  • Additional known issues and mitigations are listed in Introducing the Modern Web Application.
Modern Zimlets
  • During the activation process, users may encounter a Not Found error. The error goes away automatically and does not require any intervention.
  • Dropbox saves a broken file after users save an attachment from the Modern Web App.
  • When using file zimlet, download all button disappears.
  • When sending a file from any of the drives while the cursor is in To, Cc, Bcc, or Subject field results in the drive's link to the file being placed in that field..
  • The drive's link to the file is sent to recipients only if users type something after the attachment link in the message body before sending it.
NG Modules
  • Connect Sent Files are not present in Drive NG even if Connect is enabled for users.
  • Connect: Share screen option is not working in connect zimlet for Modern Web App.
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