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Zimbra Collaboration 8.8 Beta 3 Release

Check out the "Fixed Issues" and "Known Issues" for this version of Zimbra Collaboration below. As always, you’re encouraged to tell us what you think in the Forums, or file a bug in Bugzilla.

What's New

Zimbra IMAPD Server - The Zimbra IMAPD server is an optionally installed dedicated server that handles IMAP(S) traffic. It can be installed on the same node as a mailbox server or on a separate node. When installed on the same node as a mailbox server the mailbox’s internal IMAPD process may be disabled. By default it is left enabled. Draft Documentation

Security Fixes

107925Bug 107925 - Persistent XSS - snippet [CWE-79] (8.8.0 beta2)
107948Bug 107948 - Persistent XSS - mail addrs [CWE-79] (8.8.0 beta2)
107949Bug 107949 - Persistent XSS - ucs [CWE-79] (8.8.0 beta2)
107963Bug 107963 - Host header injection [CWE-20] (8.8.0 beta2)

Fixed Issues

107979 S/MIME certificate not seen in Contact Properties
97710 Tasks causing slowness from ZWC and consuming CPU resources
106132 Can't Disable External Imap and pop3 Access through cos and per user basis
102930 EWS Sharing - Handle sync of shared folders on remote node

Known Issues

108182 Mailbox sessions created by AdminWaitSets are not properly cleaned up
108183 Exception in imapd.log when unselecting a folder that was deleted in another IMAP session
108185 When notifications come in response headers they do not propagate to more then one session
108186 Unable to remove all tags from the message
108187 NullPointerException for save/update operation of tag
108188 NGINX Lookup Extension does not respect user's home server when looking up IMAPd list
N/AImap(OLK client) - unnecessary attachment get created when saving draft
N/AException in imapd.log when configuring account in Mac Native Mail
N/AException "StartOutOfBoundsException" in imapd.log when configuring account in Mac Native Mail

Quick note: Open Source repo

Downloading and building our Zimbra Code? Keep reading... Starting ZCS 8.7.6 and above we have a new steps to download, build and see our code from Github:

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