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Zimbra Collaboration 8.8.9 GA Release

Check out the Security Fixes, What's New, Fixed Issues and Known Issues for this version of Zimbra Collaboration. As always, you’re encouraged to tell us what you think in the Forums, or open a support ticket to report issues.

NOTE: If you are upgrading and/or migrating from an older version of Zimbra to Zimbra 8.8 Production Ready, please read "Things to Know Before Upgrading" and "First Steps with the Zimbra NG Modules" for critical information before you upgrade.

Security Fixes

Information about security fixes, security response policy and vulnerability rating classification are listed below. See the Zimbra Security Response Policy and the Zimbra Vulnerability Rating Classification information below for details.

Bug# Summary CVE-ID CVSS
Fix Release or
Patch Version
108897 Upgrade openjdk to 1.8u172 n/a - - 8.8.9
n/a Upgrade jackson to 2.9.2 n/a - - 8.8.9

What's New

NOTE: Beta features should not be installed and are not supported on production systems. Beta modules have been provided for evaluation in lab environments only.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite:
  • Automatic configuration for synchronization with iOS devices - Administrators have the ability to set up automatic configuration of CalDAV, CardDav, IMAP and SMTP settings for these users.
  • Forgot Password / Self-serve account recovery (Beta) - By providing and validating an Account Recovery destination, users are able to initiate a secure account recovery / password reset process themselves. In this Beta, a self-serve user is able to temporarily log in using the system-generated access code.
Zimbra Connector for Outlook:
  • Secondary Zimbra Personas can now be set up using Send-on-behalf-of for the From address; users can specify the name and email address to be displayed, and the information is synchronized with the ZCS Persona settings. (See Known Issues.)
  • Office365 (Beta) - Support for Microsoft's subscription-based Office365 desktop Outlook installation.
Zimbra Docs - Docs is a new integration for Zimbra Network Edition, providing a full Office suite inside the Zimbra Web Client, to enable secure in-house collaboration and sharing of documents, presentations, spreadsheets. The back end of the integration is a LibreOffice On-Line server, and in this first offering the private storage is provided via Zimbra Briefcase.
Backup NG:
  • All incremental improvements from 8.8.8 patches are cumulative.
Mobile NG:
  • New Allow/Block/Quarantine feature (ABQ) allows for granular access control of mobile devices connecting to the server. It's a "pre-emptive" type of security feature, meaning that it acts upon the first connection and it's made to ensure that only authorized devices can finalize their synchronization with the server.
  • Primary Storage can now be supported on 6 different storage options, including S3. (See Known Issues.)
  • Added ability to create 'Centralized' stores (BETA): MailboxMove operation is significantly faster when using centralized storage, as blobs stored on a centralized store stay there, with only metadata and references being copied.
Admin Console:
  • All incremental improvements from 8.8.8 patches are cumulative.
Zimbra Chat:
  • All incremental improvements from 8.8.8 patches are cumulative.
Zimbra Drive:
  • All incremental improvements from 8.8.8 patches are cumulative.
  • Zimbra Drive is compatible with:
    • NextCloud versions 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 only (See NextCloud store for latest.)
    • ownCloud versions 9.0, 9.1, and 10 only
Zimbra Talk:
  • All incremental improvements from 8.8.8 patches are cumulative.

Fixed Issues

Various The 8.8.9 release includes all fixes provided in 8.8.8 patch 1 through 6.
GAL Reapplied fix for Bug 95459, improving the warnings logged for "unknown GAL op". Calendar Fixed a bug in recurring appointments where the date for a series would be changed in the originator's calendar when an invitee declined a single instance after initially accepting the series.
ZCO Suppressed an informational pop-up that periodically reported "GalSync has failed 5 times", alarming users and resulting in help requests to sysadmins. This would occur when the server was busy with many sync requests from multiple users, for example. No user intervention was required, since automatic retries will eventually complete the sync.
ZCO Windows Registry keys used to set up Windows Search for ZCO are now automatically checked and regenerated in the event that they are removed by a Windows or MS Office update. See more informaton in the troubleshooting section of the ZCO Admin Guide.
ZCO Fixed an encoding problem during synchronization via the Zimbra Connector for Outlook that would cause non-ASCII (e.g. accented characters such as the "é" in Québec) to be misinterpreted and changed (e.g. to Québec).
S/MIME Changed hashing algorithm to SHA-256 instead of MD5 to address compatibility with other email clients (e.g. Gmail, Thunderbird) that previously reported problems with Zimbra's digital signatures.
LDAP Backing up a live LDAP database incurred a risk that when loaded on a new machine it could be out of sync if LDAP changes had occurred during the backup. This condition may not become apparent until a MOD causing a REFRESH occurred, which could cause an outage. This risk is now mitigated.
Chat Zimlet Users without a local video or audio source were not able to join videocalls. When these conditions are detected, the Zimlet now adds empty streams to allow the user to establish the connections to other participants.
HSM Logs no longer include possibly sensitve S3 access information.
HSM If the HSM (aka Powerstore) module licensing expired, no custom ZeXtras stores were accessible. Now the StoreManager is always registered to allow volume access, but further commands and operations will be denied until the licensing is brought up to date.
HSM Blobs were not being deleted from the previous source volume immediately following a move operation, but were moved to the ~/conf/zextras/bulk_delete/<volume-name>.orphaned_blobs file. Now, when performing a blob move the file is immediately delted, and not added to .orphaned_blobs.
NG Backup The doCoherencyCheck operation was emitting warnings for all items whose blobs had been moved to another volume. To fix this, the locator in metadata is skipped when comparing backup vs live for an item.
Admin Zimlet The admin UI would throw up an errer and could become unstable after opening or editing an alias. Console errors indicated an Uncaught TypeError. This has been fixed by allowing for possibly empty values in id and name fields of aliases.
Chat Server The chat service xmpp-server-to-server-sender may stop working after video chat usage. The underlying xmpp link handler now catches a broader set of exceptions and handles them without stopping the service.

Known Issues

ZCO If the primary (Default) account persona is set up in ZWC with Send-on-behalf-of, ZCO / Outlook will disregard the setting and send email using only the primary account email for that persona. Users are recommended to configure Send-on-behalf-of only for secondary accounts in ZWC, to ensure consistent behavior in both interfaces.
HSM Admin When configuring HSM as primary storage, the warning popup reporting that the required path does not exist cannot be dismissed. The browser must be reloaded at this point to continue. There is no permanent operational impact. (Need more details from QE.)

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