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Zimbra Collaboration Kepler 9.0.0 GA Release

Check out the Security Fixes, What's New, Fixed Issues, and Known Issues for this version of Zimbra Collaboration. Please refer to the Patch Installation section for Patch Installation instructions. As always, you are encouraged to tell us what you think in the Forums or open a support ticket to report issues.

NOTE: If you are upgrading or migrating from an older version of Zimbra to Zimbra 8.8 Production Ready, please read Things to Know Before Upgrading and First Steps with the Zimbra NG Modules for critical information before you upgrade.

Security Fixes

Summary CVE-ID CVSS Score Zimbra Rating Fix Patch Version
Apache SpamAssassin is upgraded from version 3.4.1 to 3.4.4. More information on the upgraded version can be found at https://spamassassin.apache.org/news.html CVE-2020-10194 & CVE-2020-1930 - - Kepler 9.0.0
ClamAV is upgraded from 0.99.4 to 0.102.2 version. More information on the upgraded version can be found at https://blog.clamav.net/2019/10/clamav-01020-has-been-released.html CVE-2020-3123 - - Kepler 9.0.0
Open LDAP is upgraded from 2.4.46 to 2.4.49 version. More information on the upgraded version can be found at https://www.openldap.org/software/release/changes.html CVE-2019-13565 - - Kepler 9.0.0
Removed support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.0 when client use SSL to connect to Zimbra. Default is now TLS 1.2. CVE-2020-8660 - - Kepler 9.0.0
Upgraded JQuery to version 3.4.1. CVE-2019-11358 - - Kepler 9.0.0

What's New

NOTE: Beta features are not supported and should not be installed on production systems. Beta modules have been provided for evaluation in lab environments only.

ZCO We're introducing a new Zimbra Free / Busy Provider (Beta) which gives greater detail about meeting invitees' availability than is visible through Outlook's Internet Free / Busy service. During the initial introduction period, administrators need to enable the feature for their users through a custom installer. Refer to the configuration instructions on the Zimbra wiki.
ZCO As a step towards full support for Inline attachments in meetings created in Outlook, images, charts, screenshots, and OLE objects can now be synced to Zimbra. These appear as regular attachments that may be viewed by recipients.

Fixed Issues

ZCS Earlier, users were unable to uninstall a Zimbra version. With this release, the issue no longer occurs and Zimbra uninstalls cleanly.
ZWC The option to "Include original message as an attachment" is functional for the Classic Web App. The setting is found under Preferences > Mail > Composing Messages, for Email-reply and Email Forwarding.
ZCO Identified and fixed a deadlock that could occur during GAL Sync, causing Outlook to become unresponsive.
ZCO Fixed a bug that blocked applications (like Adobe Acrobat, for example) from being able to reach through Outlook to send an email with an attachment.
Zimbra Drive Added manual installation instructions to the Zimbra Drive section of the Zimbra Administration Guide.

Known Issues

ZCO Users may receive an Error message when forwarding an Invitation Email to another user. (Error Code: service.PERM_DENIED) This will be fixed in the next patch release. Until then, to work around this, users must copy the event details and forward them as an email, or use the Web App to forward invitations.
ZCO Images in signatures within meeting notes do not sync to the Zimbra server.
ZCO Inline PDF attachments and shapes inserted in meeting notes do not sync to the Zimbra server.
Zimbra Drive Users are unable to save attachment in Zimbra Drive.
Zimbra Drive A bug introduced in 8.8.15 p8 interfered with Drag & Drop operations to upload a file to Drive. This is fixed in p9.
Zimbra Connect Some users cannot use the file sharing feature. As a workaround, remove all quota settings related to those accounts.
Mail The Modern Web App uses a set of pastel colors for Tags. As a result, primary Tag colors selected in Outlook/ZCO or the Classic Web App are not shown in the Modern Web App.
Calendar The Modern Web App will show duplicate meeting locations when the meeting has been created in the Classic Web App or ZCO with a Location Resource.
Calendar When editing events the contact chooser cannot be dismissed once opened by clicking "Invitees" and then changing the selected contact list. In this case, the app needs to be reloaded to recover.

Quick note: Open Source repo

The steps to download, build, and see our code via Github can be found here: https://github.com/Zimbra/zm-build

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